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Edison Podcast Metrics to Launch in the UK in Q3 2023

Edison Podcast Metrics, the comprehensive podcast listening measurement service by Edison Research, is set to debut in the UK. The announcement was made at the Podcast Show 2023 in London.

Unlike other services, Edison Podcast Metrics does not rely on podcast download data, and podcast networks are not required to opt into the service. Instead, thousands of weekly podcast listeners are surveyed each quarter, and their listening behavior is tracked across all platforms.

Edison Research, a leading podcast research company worldwide, initially introduced its Top Podcast Shows ranker in the US in November 2019. The company has been monitoring podcast consumption since 2006, and its data is widely used by major podcasting companies and advertising agencies.

The survey research for Edison Podcast Metrics is currently underway in the UK, and data from Q2 2023 will be made available to subscribers in Q3. The same methodology used in the US will be employed in the UK, with a minimum of 2,000 weekly podcast listeners aged 15 or older included in each quarterly survey.

The preliminary data for Q2 2023 reveals the Top Five podcasts among UK weekly podcast listeners, including “The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett,” “The Joe Rogan Experience,” “Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster,” “The Rest is Politics,” and “Shagged Married Annoyed.” A complete ranking of the top podcasts for the quarter will be released in Q3.

Melissa Kiesche, Senior Vice President of Edison Research, expressed excitement about expanding Edison Podcast Metrics to the UK. The company has witnessed the positive impact of its data on the US podcast industry and is eager to see the thriving podcast community in the UK benefit from this research.

Edison Podcast Metrics UK will provide detailed information on the top podcasts and network reach statistics. Subscribers will have access to demographic analysis of podcast listeners, including their purchasing and consumption patterns across various consumer goods and services.

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