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Naomi Campbell, PrettyLittleThing Launches Monumental Collaboration with New Designers

PrettyLittleThing just broke the news of a huge collaboration between the world-famous supermodel Naomi Campbell and up-and-coming fashion designers Victor Anate and Edvin Thompson.

This incredible partnership blends together the elegance of Naomi’s fashion sense with the avant-garde creativity of Thompson and Anate.

This collaboration shows just one example of Campbell’s commitment to developing more opportunities for young, aspiring designers in the world of fashion. “Within my collection, it was important to recognize and include some of the amazing talent that’s out there,” said Campbell.

As Campbell has grown into a popular supermodel, she understands the power she holds to make serious changes in the industry. “I’m very intentional about using my platform to create opportunities for the next generation of creatives from around the world,” she added.

Victor Anate is a 20-year-old fashion designer from Nigeria who gains inspiration from literature, romance, and film. He believes these topics allow the wearer to explore and express through new realities. The young visionary has even built his own company, Vicnate, which was formed in 2019. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Vicnate is a contemporary meditation on glamor and the transformative power of the right piece.

Edvin Thompson is also a successful designer with a strong background and skill set. His label, Theophilio, was established in 2016. It’s a ready-to-wear, contemporary clothing brand that focuses on community, culture, and diversity. The label even won the CFDA award for American Emerging Designer of The Year for 2021.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, Theophilio designs a variety of bold staples that showcase Jamaica’s dancehall culture and New York’s nonstop urban energy.

Naomi Campbell’s PrettyLittleThing collection debuts during New York Fashion Week on September 5, 2023. The collection includes an impressive 15 different looks, all being released in various colorways. This astonishing fashion experience will display Campbell’s glamor, innovation, and empowerment. While the best way to witness this incredible show is by attending in person, viewers can also tune in on YouTube.

PrettyLittleThing is ecstatic about this collaboration, which is a huge moment for the successful fashion company. According to Chris Parnell, Head of Design at PrettyLittleThing, “This collaboration with Naomi Campbell is a monumental moment for PrettyLittleThing. We are not just launching a new collection; we are making history with the most significant collaboration we’ve ever undertaken. We can’t wait to see our customers wearing these designs.”

This new collection features fun, playful designs that align with the upcoming holiday season. These clothes also project a sense of strength and confidence, which Campbell shows in her everyday life, both on and off the runway.

The upcoming show during New York Fashion Week will showcase Naomi’s tailored signature jumpsuit, bold sequin designs, dazzling outerwear, innovative chainmail dresses, hints of premium faux leather, and striking floor-length items. The exquisite collection has been styled with shoes and bags from PrettyLittleThing’s main range, providing a finished look for all wearers.

About Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is a well-known figure in the world of fashion. In addition, she’s also an advocate for a number of different causes. With Naomi’s several years of experience in the field, not to mention her incredible vision and eye for fashion, she has become a very influential fashion expert.

While Campbell has a graceful and captivating presence on the runway, she’s also well-known as a trailblazer for diversity and inclusion in fashion. Naomi consistently advocates for racial equality, diversity, environmental sustainability, and more. She uses her platform to get key messages across and empower minorities to let their voice be heard.

With this passion in mind, Campbell founded Emerge, an organization focused on supporting new, emerging talent in the industry. Being a global role model and voice for empowerment, Naomi hopes to inspire future generations of models and designers.

About Edvin Thompson

Edvin Thompson, born in Jamaica, started his journey by leaving his beloved homeland in the Caribbean for the bustling streets of Brooklyn, New York. Although there were many challenges along the way, this path led him on a voyage of self-discovery.

Using his creativity and determination, Thompson immersed himself in Brooklyn’s culture and urban lifestyle. This pushed him to create Theophilio, an organization he founded in 2016. Each and every piece of clothing designed by this label depicts the dedication and passion of Edvin.

Thompson was recognized as the CFDA Emerging Designer of the Year in 2021, showing that his endless vision and diligence can turn into something extraordinary. This achievement also shows his ability to create beauty from his life experiences.

About Victor Anate

Victor Anate is a young, successful designer based out of Lagos, Nigeria. The 20-year-old’s design vision blends together traditional features with futuristic elements to create unique, innovative works of art.

Anate grew his passion by founding Vicnate, a contemporary meditation on glamor and the transformative power of the right piece. Romance, film, and literature are often portrayed in Victor’s work. Each collection allows the wearer to express themselves and explore new looks.

About PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing is a well-known fashion brand with a worldwide reach. While the company operates on a global scale, PrettyLittleThing has a powerful presence in the United States, Australia, Ireland, France, and the United Kingdom. The organization specializes in a wide range of fashion products that can be shipped right to your door.

Established in 2012, PrettyLittleThing has grown significantly over the years. In fact, the company has quickly become the go-to fashion destination for people across the planet.

PrettyLittleThing offers products for just about anyone, featuring affordable yet stylish items. You can find several different clothing options, including accessories, beauty products, and more. Also, as the brand is all about inclusion, you’ll see a variety of items for all body types and sizes. There are also products to suit different tastes and styles.

With this new collaboration led by Naomi Campbell, she hopes to continue to push the industry forward with new ideas and concepts—all while focusing on inclusion, diversity, and kindness for others.

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