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PRE-ORDER RELEASE DATES: May 13 to 31, 2024 


Places where all parameters are open to redefinition. Journeys that can only be known by their limitless opportunity. On a fluid landscape between dream, reality and fantasy, exists adventure of an unknown world; an UNWORLD.  

For the release of their first footwear project, TEMPLA has teamed up with web3 phygital expert ANOTHER-1 to create a winter boot designed for both the real and digital worlds. 

Developed with deep winter and mixed terrain in mind, the Unworld Winter Boots is a  combination of components designed for inclement conditions. From the ground up, the  deep lugged Vibram® sole maximises grip for extreme applications, while the high rubber midsole extends the waterproofing up the side walls to keep you warm and dry through slush, sleet and snow. The thermally insulated upper is wrapped in a hard-wearing ripstop shell and is complimented by a ribbed cuff to trap heat and a luxurious high-pile fleece lining to create a cosy interior.  

The Unworld Winter Boots is created with Templa’s signature handwriting, merging the  swagger of streetwear codes through exaggerated proportions with refined details and a boosted silhouette to create a commanding presence.

Featured Colours

In partnership with Another-1, the physical boot will serve as a gateway to a unique digital experience that extends beyond the tangible world. By simply tapping your smartphone against the AN1 NFC tag (Near Field Communication Chip) embedded into the boot, you will be guided on the Another-1 platform to enter a unique 6-digit code to pair it with an NFT,  guaranteeing authenticity and access to exclusive digital content.  

NFT Artworks

The acquisition of the physical Boots also grants the owner access to a digital wearable  compatible with Union Avatars and a limited edition Unworld NFT artwork series created in collaboration with visual artist Jordan Donaldson. The artwork series consists of eight unique atmospheric landscapes defined by a rarity level. Adopting a gamification process, an algorithm will randomly assign one of the artwork series to its owner during the redemption process. Given TEMPLA was founded in the mountains, the Snow World –  Tier No.1 Common series represents our connection with the real-world. From here, the environments progressively gravitate away from the tangible towards the pure imagination; culminating in the Glitter World – Tier No.8 Mythic. 

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About Another-1

Another-1 is your ultimate web3 phygital fashion platform built on Polygon. Seamlessly integrate physical and digital fashion worlds through our platform where users can create, collect and experience phygital fashion backed by NFC-authenticated physical goods.

Another-1 serves as a one-stop shop for a new transcending asset class that merges realities to create a dynamic ecosystem of hype beasts, designers, brands, retailers, and gaming projects.

For more information and updates on Another-1, visit our website and follow us on X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and Instagram. For inquiries, please email us at


Templa is a luxury outdoor performance brand specializing in Alpine and Urban outerwear. Their products are designed to fuse a contemporary aesthetic with technical innovation for the fashion-conscious outdoor adventurer.

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