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Why MBR City is the Ultimate Location for Property Investors

Property investment is a sound investment, and people do believe that a good location can generate the best return on investments, capital gains, and a good lifestyle. Moreover, over the years, property investment is working as a backbone for a lot of investors. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you must look out for suitable locations to provide a great return on investments.

MBR city; Muhammad Bin Rashid is one of the most popular developments in Dubai and the gulf region. This city has a personal connection with the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum; hence it holds an important place.

MBR city is considered a hotspot in terms of property investment. Let’s explore the top 5 reasons that make MBR city the ultimate place for property investment.

Zero Tax:

Do you know what a win-win situation for an investor is? A property without paying taxes on rental income and generating capital gains at maximum.

When it comes to investment and property taxes in Dubai, it is in favor of investors. Hence, it is a hotspot for both foreign and local investors. The zero-tax policy makes Dubai an ultimate favorite for investors globally. Not to mention, the residential properties in MBR city have zero taxes in rental income taxes (conditions applied), capital gain taxes, and inheritance taxes.


The critical element of property investment is location; also, it is the driving force for a sound and strategic investment. MBR city’s location is strategic as it is located along the connection roads of Bin Zayed Roads, Al-Ain Dubai, and Al-Khalil road. Moreover, this community is well-connected with the rest of the cities and connects with all other major highways and streets. The major projects are located within the Meydan district near Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. Most importantly, the airport is just 10 minutes away; the visitors can have easy and fast access to the city.

Goodwill and potential:

A property must hold goodwill and appreciation amongst neighbors and other communities. Moreover, appreciation is the key element of a suitable property in terms of investment. MBR city has an important place in Dubai and investors’ eyes due to its promising vision. Also, a lot of development in the city is forecasted to break records as well. According to experts, MBR city will become the new downtown Dubai. However, the city is not fully developed; but the results are backed by strong economic stimulus and government support. Nonetheless, the trends are also showing good predictions with the market trends. Based on the statistics, both second and primary markets will increase for the next two years.


The type and other features of a property are very important to consider while investing. The attractive plots and houses with aesthetic infrastructure and open-plan layouts make a good return on investment. The MBR city has several developments ranging from commercial to residential communities such as Meydan city, Sobha Hartland, and District One – having the luxurious mansions in Dubai. Additionally, there are villas and mid-range townhouses within sustainable communities constructed as per green living standards. Not to mention, the award-winning developments in MBR city, Wilton Terraces, and other park residencies also feature eco-friendly living standards. Most importantly, the uncountable amenities such as resorts, gyms, and recreational complexes add to the beauty of the community.

Lifestyle and Offerings:

Lifestyle and offerings are another driving key element of a property. Usually, people buy a property based on the facilities and other offerings. Dubai is a place to live, as it offers uncountable amenities and an elite lifestyle. Investors, while investing, focus on the lifestyle of a location and facilities. MBR city will become the ultimate destination for families and tourists within Dubai. The MBR city also caters to and entertains multiple cultural backgrounds.

Shopping and Retail:

Meydan One Mall will become the home to one of the most significant indoor ski slopes when it comes to shopping and retail. Moreover, the mall is envisioned to have 550 retail outlets, including a 13,200 square meter supermarket. Nonetheless, the mall is one of the most awaited developments in the city to enhance the retail experience.

Entertainment and Leisure:

MBR city will have something to offer to the people in terms of entertainment. The Crystal Lagoon is envisioned to be the largest artificial lagoon in the world. Also, the whole concept of Crystal Lagoons is inspired by the Caribbean; and the lagoon will cover about 7 kilometers of water and palm trees. Surprisingly, the lagoon will be surrounded by corporate towers, parks, and other residential developments.

The pay and play concept for visitors will be offered to the people. The Meydan Golf Course will also feature a 9-hole course spanning 7,412 yards of the tree and natural lakes. The Meydan Golf course will be a revolution for all the golf-lovers in Dubai. Moreover, the Meydan racecourse will feature two horse racing tracks that can cover up to 80,000 visitors.

Schools and Universities:

MBR City is a fancy place. The North London Collegiate School is located in MBR city and offers international curriculum standards that provide holistic development of students. The NLCS Dubai is also just 1 minute away from Wilton Terrace and Wilton park residences. Most importantly, the Hartland international schools also follow the UK curriculum educational system and feature primary and secondary education.

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