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Revealed: The states getting into CRYPTO in 2023

  • Nevada is the state showing the most interest in cryptos so far this year
  • California and New York take second and third place
  • Mississippi, West Virginia, and Louisiana make up the states with the fewest crypto enthusiasts

New data reveals that Nevada shows the most interest in cryptocurrency trading.

Research conducted by our experts here at established the search interest for crypto related terms in each state, uncovering the top states for cryptocurrency enthusiasm this year. 

  1. Nevada

Nevada comes in as the state with the most interest in Cryptocurrency.
They score highly when searching for cryptocurrency terms, websites, apps, prices, news, and advice in 2023, per capita.

The Silver State has carried out crypto related searches at a rate of almost two thousand per 100k residents, the highest rate in America. 

  1. California

California is the state to have carried out the second most crypto searches in America per 100,000 people.
Per capita, this makes for just under 1,900 searches, putting it second on the list.

  1. New York

With population proportional searches falling in at the same as California, just below 1,900 per 100k, the total crypto related search volume of over 360,000 ranks New York in third place.
Considered the financial capital of America and home to Wall Street, it’s perhaps little surprise that cryptocurrency trading proves so popular here. 

  1. New Jersey

Just across the Hudson from third placed New York, is fourth placed New Jersey. 

Just over 1,800 crypto searches per 100k residents puts New Jersey only marginally behind its neighboring state for cryptocurrency interest. 

  1. Washington

Washington State makes number five for crypto enthusiasm with a search volume just below 1,800 per 100k.
Seattle, one of the state’s major cities, is also listed as a one with several jobs for startups that use blockchain technology, by

  1. Florida

Floridians searched crypto terms at a rate of just over 1,750 per 100k population.
A total search volume just below 370,000 actually put the Sunshine State in third place for sheer searches while their proportional crypto interest makes sixth on this list.

  1. Massachusetts

Massachusetts comes in as the seventh most crypto keen state this year with a crypto related search volume per 100k of 1,736 and a total search volume of nearly 120,000.

  1. Colorado

Colorado is the eighth state for cryptocurrency enthusiasts this year. Its per capita searches lie at just over 1,700 per 100k.

  1. Virginia

Virginia’s search volume per capita is 1,675 per 100k residents, with a high total search volume over 142,000, the state makes ninth on the list.

  1. Oregon

Oregon rounds off the list of crypto enthusiastic states with its crypto searches per 100k residents sitting at 1,654. Its total crypto searches this year has been just below 70,000. 

Mississippi is the state with the very lowest interest in cryptocurrencies throughout America – the state searched crypto terms at just 686 per 100k residents, over 60% less than the state at the top of the list.

West Virginia is the state showing the second lowest interest levels in cryptocurrencies, searching crypto terms at a rate of just 734 per 100k capita, this is over 1,200 fewer searches per 100k than the top state.

Louisiana ranks third bottom of the list with searches per 100k capita at just 817, more than 1,000 fewer than Nevada at the top. 

One of our top experts here at said:

“Cryptocurrencies kicked off 2023 with their highest levels in months. Cryptocurrency offers freedoms from traditional financial infrastructure and with its constant development, it’s fascinating to keep up to date with the places taking the largest interest in this area.

This data indicates that Nevada is continuing to show huge interest in Cryptocurrency in 2023, after being announced as the ‘most crypto-friendly state’ according to the 2022 SmartAsset study.”

At, we are a crypto education platform also providing advice and reviews regarding crypto gambling sites.

If you would like to see the published study, please click here

Rank Per 100kLocationTotal Volume Per 100kTotal Volume (not pop. adjusted)
1Nevada                                        1,959                                      59,444
2California                                        1,882                                  744,464
3New York                                        1,882                                  367,784
4New Jersey                                        1,811                                  161,333
5Washington                                        1,795                                  136,687
6Florida                                        1,752                                  379,658
7Massachusetts                                        1,736                                  119,821
8Colorado                                        1,710                                      97,394
9Virginia                                        1,675                                  142,671
10Oregon                                        1,654                                      69,314
11New Hampshire                                        1,584                                      21,486
12Hawaii                                        1,573                                      22,344
13Minnesota                                        1,547                                      86,805
14Arizona                                        1,522                                  109,152
15Utah                                        1,512                                      47,796
16Illinois                                        1,474                                  187,804
17Michigan                                        1,452                                  145,141
18Connecticut                                        1,436                                      51,303
19Maryland                                        1,422                                      85,927
20Rhode Island                                        1,414                                      14,950
21Texas                                        1,403                                  408,911
22Montana                                        1,349                                      14,330
23Georgia                                        1,345                                  141,487
24North Carolina                                        1,319                                  136,960
25Maine                                        1,316                                      17,613
26Idaho                                        1,311                                      22,998
27Wyoming                                        1,250                                      7,222
28Pennsylvania                                        1,224                                  156,758
29Missouri                                        1,202                                      73,640
30Delaware                                        1,201                                      11,616
31North Dakota                                        1,201                                        9,129
32Wisconsin                                        1,199                                      69,705
33Alaska                                        1,157                                        8,532
34Vermont                                        1,126                                        7,052
35Kansas                                        1,118                                      32,551
36New Mexico                                        1,095                                      22,945
37Tennessee                                        1,077                                      72,913
38Ohio                                        1,055                                  123,324
39South Dakota                                        1,034                                        9,122
40South Carolina                                        1,028                                      52,265
41Nebraska                                        1,006                                      19,408
42Indiana                                              996                                      66,651
43Oklahoma                                              957                                      37,735
44Alabama                                              952                                      46,533
45Iowa                                              923                                      29,131
46Kentucky                                              898                                      40,126
47Arkansas                                              861                                      25,949
48Louisiana                                              817                                      38,072
49West Virginia                                              734                                      13,255
50Mississippi                                              686                                      20,332
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