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Review of Freedom24 as an EU-based Stock Broker

Many companies are providing people the opportunity to work from the home. In the ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus, people can work from the safety and comfort of their homes and earn a respectable amount of money every month. They can pursue freelancing activities. However, they can also invest in stock exchanges with the help of stock broker companies to buy shares, trade stocks, and do much more than this. However, the biggest concern for most users is the reliability of such stock brokers.

With the invention and availability of the internet, one can easily verify if a company is reliable or not by having a look at their digital presence and judge for themselves. It’s easy to find out if a company is a scam company or a legit one. One such company that is reliable is Freedom Finance Europe that allows users to invest in stocks present in the USA, Europe, and Asia. It is also recognized by the Nasdaq which is the world’s second-largest stock exchange. Therefore, investment activities with this company come with low risk. Many users use their excellent platform called the Freedom24 to easily invest. Read below to find out about the Freedom24 review and much more.

About the Company

Freedom Finance Europe has its headquarters in Cyprus which is present in Europe. It is a part of the EU-based stock brokers. However, the thing that makes it stand out from the rest is that it is the only EU-based stock broker in the world that is a part of the Nasdaq listings as well. This means that the company is highly reliable and its reliability is recognized by Nasdaq as well. This also means that people who use Freedom Finance Europe’s platform Freedom24 to pursue their stock exchange and investment activities can buy shares in companies operating in the USA, Asia, and Europe. The company has more than 2000 employees and also operates in industrially advanced countries such as Russia, Germany, and the USA. The company deals with millions of dollars every year in the form of client assets and equity capital.

Recognition of the Only EU-based Stock Broker by Nasdaq

Freedom Finance Europe is recognized by Nasdaq. For a stock broker, this testifies to the fact that the company is capable of handling millions of dollars of transactions every year. The company is known for its ability to aid its investors in conducting trade, exchanging stocks, and buying shares. Their specialty is in initial public offerings that allow investors to get access to the initial price before companies become public and start trading publicly. This is a great offering that allows investors to get a good return on investments. In many cases, they can see returns of more than 100 times on their initial investments. If you are short on money, then you can begin by only buying a few shares. With the passage of time, you can keep on investing your profits as well to buy shares. Then, you can enjoy a better return on investments.

Trusted and Reliable

Freedom Finance Europe is a trusted company because it is not only listed in Nasdaq listings but it is also placing its stock alongside the likes of Google, Apple, and Facebook. The company works in compliance with many internationally acclaimed regulatory frameworks that testify to the security that it provides to its investors. Due to these compliance features, investors can rest assured that their data is safe. Moreover, they can perform their investment activities with a relaxed mind and better focus. This can enable them to get better profits and return on investments.


The benefits of trading on the Freedom24 platform are many. There are many key advantages that you can get by using the platform. You can participate in the initial public offerings taking place in the USA, Europe, or Asia as well. This means that you can enjoy a great return on investments in respective companies in these three continents. The opportunities for business are many if you are using the Freedom24 platform. With the passage of time, you can increase your investments for more business benefits.

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