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Leading Kratom brand MIT45 to Unveil Latest Products at Fitcon2022

MIT45, a leading Keaton brand will make an appearance at FitCon from November 4-5 in Miramar, FL. This fitness expo will host sports event and bring together fitness experts from around the globe. MIT45 will unveil their latest products at the show.

MIT45 has established their reputation as the Gold Standard in the industry over the last two years. They have been recognized for building a positive workplace culture and was recently recognized as one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2022 for implementing the new digital sales card.

FitCon is one of the largest fitness expos in the country and aims to provide attendees with an environment and motivation to break new ground in the fitness industry. The event showcases a variety of world class sports and fitness activities. Since its inception, celebrities and experts in the world of sports and fitness have been participating in this expo. Now in its 6th year, there will be multiple events including exhibitions, celebrity guest panels, seminars, fitness classes, and sports competitions. This expo has benefited fitness enthusiasts and professionals by helping them to stay ahead of industry trends.

MIT45 will be present at this year’s FitCon expo creating access for participants to access their premium kratom products including their latest hit taking the fitness industry by storm, MIT45 Boost. The company will be displaying their premium kratom products as they establish themselves in the fitness industry.

The upcoming FitCon expo is a two-day event at Miramar Regional Park, Florida, and it promises to be one of the biggest fitness expos in the country. Fitness experts and industry leaders will be available to share their knowledge on fitness formats and current trends. MIT45 will exhibit a strong showing at the event as this will be their first FitCon attendance since their immersion into the fitness industry.

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