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Revealed: Top 5 Cities in the Romantic Minimoon Destination Index

Since 19th July, engaged couples who have been waiting to tie the knot can now take the next step in their relationship. COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, and there are no limits on the number of guests allowed, no requirements for social distancing, and no enforcement of face masks.

People looking to get hitched last year in the peak of the pandemic were forced to either postpone or cancel their big days – a stressful decision after so much planning. Wedding planner Katrina Otter told The Telegraph that more than 50 per cent of clients have postponed their weddings to 2022, with peak dates on weekends fully booked, and more couples looking at months out of season, such as April, October, and November.

The honeymoon is one of the most important decisions for many couples when getting married. This is the first time you spend together as newlyweds and will be your first memorable moment. Honeymoons set the tone for your new life and will keep the spark burning as you reminisce.

The popularity of minimoons

Even though lockdown restrictions have ended in the UK, other countries have different rules. Social distancing may continue to play a role in our travel decisions. More couples are opting to stay safe and make plans that are less likely to change. Due to the everchanging traffic light system, some destinations may become out of reach whereas others may require yourself and your guests to isolate upon return to the UK – time people might not be able to get off work.

Because of this, more people are taking minimoons – a domestic honeymoon taken instead of travelling overseas. Just because you’re hitting the city doesn’t mean you need to ditch your favourite heeled sandals. We’ve created the Minimoon Destination Index to help you decide on the best places to holiday in the UK to celebrate your marriage.

Using Tripadvisor, we collected the total number of romantic hotels, restaurants, attractions, and spas to reveal which is the most loved-up place to visit. Romantic hotels and restaurants were found by filtering for ‘romance’ on Tripadvisor’s reviews. These were then tallied up and ranked as the best city destinations.

Top five cities in the index

The top five cities are London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Birmingham.

Rank City Number of romantic hotels Number of romantic restaurants Number of attractions (things to do) Number of spas Total

1 London 281 1,870 7,925 713 10,789

2 Edinburgh 104 268 1,609 88 2,069

3 Liverpool 13 167 1,296 37 1,513

4 Glasgow 14 212 1,059 54 1,339

5 Birmingham 9 176 846 26 1,057

It isn’t surprising to see that London came top – the capital is the biggest city in the UK and has more than enough fun activities, romantic hotspots, and fantastic and intimate places to enjoy food and drink. London’s score was much higher than other cities, with 281 romantic hotels, 1,870 romantic restaurants, 7,925 attractions, and 713 spas, which brought the total to 10,789.

Although London hasn’t been given the same romantic reputation as Paris or Venice, it certainly has its own charms. Get dressed up for a high-end night in the city or dress down for green spaces and relaxation.

The Scottish capital Edinburgh ranked second with 104 romantic hotels, 1,870 romantic restaurants, 7,925 attractions, and 88 spas, making a total of 10,789.

With a medieval atmosphere and feelings of chivalry, Edinburgh is a romantic hotspot for many couples to elope to, full of castles and stunning architecture.

Liverpool ranked third with 13 romantic hotels, 167 romantic restaurants, 1,269 attractions, and 37 spas, totalling a score of 1,513.

Liverpool offers a unique range of things to do with cruises, walks, and incredible sightseeing including late Georgian architecture.

Glasgow ranked fourth with 14 romantic hotels, 212 romantic restaurants, 1,059 attractions, and 54 spas, bringing the total score to 1,339.

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city and is adorned with beautiful Georgian architecture. With a rich history for those looking to explore and a vibrant nightlife for the partygoers, there is something for everyone.

Birmingham ranked fifth in the Minimoon Destination Index, with nine romantic hotels, 176 romantic restaurants, 846 attractions, and 26 spas, resulting in a total score of 1,057.

Birmingham is home to Cadbury World in the leafy suburb of Bournville, as well as a Peaky Blinders tour, and a Tolkien Trail (home to The Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien).

Make your minimoon a time to remember and plan some romantic yet fun ways to spend your time together – romantic walks, intimate meals, and fantastic drinks in a new city.

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