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The Most Iconic Pyjamas From TV and Film

Movies and TV shows offer us so much in the way of style inspiration. This year, Spencer will be bringing Princess Diana-inspired outfits back into style, while we still consider outfits like Cher’s yellow plaid ensemble in Clueless iconic.

The inspiration doesn’t just apply to our going out clothes though. It goes for our nightwear too. There’s no shortage of movies with stunning pyjama sets and nightgowns that we want to add to our collection.

Here, we cover the most iconic nightwear from TV and film.

Winona Ryder, Girl, Interrupted

Winona Ryder has definitely epitomised the effortless ‘cool girl’ look throughout her career, and never more so than in her floral pyjamas in Girl, Interrupted. The cotton pyjamas in a classic cut will never go out of style, and the guitar only adds to the cool-girl factor. We’ve all owned pyjama sets like this in the past, and it’s a style that we’ll always come back to for maximum comfort and a gorgeous look.

Marilyn Monroe, Some Like It Hot

An iconic nightwear moment in an equally iconic movie, Marilyn Monroe’s negligee is timeless, chic, and sultry. While Monroe’s personal style is reflective of the time she was most famous, this nightwear would look just as stunning on anyone now as it did in 1959. Sugar Kane wears this lingerie on board the sleeper train, and it’s both sultry and classy. The outfit is mostly sheer, with feathered detail across the shoulders to make this piece look extra elegant.

Jennifer Aniston, Friends

We all know Jennifer Aniston and her Friends character, Rachel Green, are timeless style icons. But perhaps Rachel’s most underrated looks come from her pyjama ensembles. Fashion queen Rachel loved structured outfits for work and play but opted for more casual bedtime looks. Her nightwear wardrobe heavily featured checked and plaid bottoms in red, blue, green, and white, and a mix of long and short styles. She paired these with a range of t-shirts, jumpers, and hoodies instead of traditional pyjama tops for ultimate comfort and effortless style.

The Pink Ladies, Grease

The scene in Frenchie’s bedroom in Grease is iconic for so many reasons. It plays host to Rizzo’s classic ‘Look at Me, I’m Sandra D’ song, the bedroom backdrop is gorgeous, and we love the range of nightwear the Pink Ladies are wearing. Rizzo’s oversized shirt-and-shorts combo fit perfectly with her more laidback style, while Marty’s silk embroidered dressing gown is stunningly chic. Frenchie’s frilly top and shorts exemplify the 1950s era, and we love Jan’s fun, printed pyjama bottoms. Altogether, it’s an array of some of the finest nightwear on the silver screen.

Kaley Cuoco, The Big Bang Theory

If ever there were a character that unashamedly embraced her girly side despite being surrounded by men, it’s The Big Bang Theory’s Penny. We see Penny in bold, bright, and printed looks on a regular basis, and her pyjama collection leaves us especially envious. She has everything from vest-and-shorts combos to classically cut flannel pyjamas in gorgeous pink feather prints. It’s a nightwear wardrobe that we long to have. We also see her pair floaty babydoll-style tops with printed pyjama bottoms for a cute, fun look that’s perfect for warmer weather.

Film and TV are great indulgences for those evenings where we want to kick back and relax. We can also use them as style inspiration for the pyjamas and loungewear we wear when we’re at our most chilled – from classic floral PJs to sheer negligees and silky dressing gowns, we want to add all of these movie-inspired items to our wardrobe immediately.


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