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BridgeHead Software Recognised in New National Legacy Information Integration and Management Framework Agreement

BridgeHead Software, a leader in healthcare data management, has been awarded a position in the recently launched National Framework Agreement for Legacy Information Integration and Management.

This framework agreement allows NHS Trusts to procure BridgeHead’s acclaimed HealthStore® Clinical Data Repository solution and associated data services. By doing so, Trusts gain the ability to retire their outdated applications while ensuring continued access to the valuable data contained within them.

The Commercial Procurement Services of The Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust acknowledged the challenges faced by numerous NHS organisations in dealing with legacy applications and data. Consequently, they established this framework agreement to facilitate the acquisition of solutions and services that address these challenges effectively.

Presently, NHS Trusts manage a range of legacy applications, including outdated or unsupported systems, duplicate platforms resulting from mergers, and applications that have been superseded by more modern, comprehensive alternatives like Electronic Patient Record (EPR) solutions or Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) as part of digitalisation initiatives. However, these legacy applications still retain valuable patient, clinical, and operational data, which often poses difficulties for staff to access as and when needed. Maintaining such legacy systems places a significant burden on healthcare IT teams in terms of cost and resource allocation. Additionally, the older the legacy applications, the higher the vulnerability to cyberattacks, posing a greater risk to hospital operations and services.

BridgeHead’s HealthStore® offers an innovative solution for legacy information management that can be deployed either in the Cloud or on-premise. HealthStore collects data from multiple disparate legacy systems and consolidates it in a central repository and registry, ensuring efficient and intelligent storage. The data is safeguarded against misuse, loss, and cyberattacks while being made available as part of a comprehensive patient record. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with primary systems, such as the EPR, providing a complete “patient context” for quick and easy access.

John Colyer, Pre-Sales and Bid Manager, expressed, “BridgeHead has successfully undergone a competitive and rigorous selection process to secure a place in the new framework agreement. We have demonstrated that BridgeHead’s HealthStore® Clinical Data Repository is well-suited to address the growing challenges posed by legacy systems and the valuable information they hold. By implementing HealthStore, NHS Trusts can efficiently retire their legacy application estate, saving money, time, and resources, while also mitigating the risk of cyberattacks. Clinical teams will benefit from ready access to all the information they need when consulting, diagnosing, and treating their patients. Being part of this framework agreement enables NHS Trusts to leverage the advantages of HealthStore in retiring their legacy applications while harnessing the wealth of information they contain for the long term.”

Jim Beagle, President and CEO at BridgeHead Software, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “As a leading provider of data management solutions in the healthcare sector, we are delighted that this framework agreement offers NHS Trusts an easy pathway for procurement. At a time when the NHS is grappling with a significant increase in legacy applications, this new framework agreement represents a highly anticipated step forward. We look forward to driving transformation across the entire NHS by supporting more Trusts in modernising their approach to legacy data management.”

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