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Landmark Conviction Achieved by London Solicitors in Crete Rape Case

Fidlaw, a prominent London-based law firm specialising in international cases, has achieved a significant victory by successfully representing an 18-year-old British tourist who endured a harrowing ordeal on the Greek island of Crete in July 2022.

The perpetrators, two Pakistani men, have been found guilty of gang rape and physical harm. The case hearing, which took place at the Court House in Rethymno, Igoumenou Gavriil 111, Rethymno 741 00, Greece, concluded on 21 June 2023, with the defendants receiving the maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The unanimous decision by the judges and juries underscores the groundbreaking nature of this conviction.

This landmark outcome represents a crucial step towards justice for the survivor and stands as a testament to Fidlaw’s unwavering commitment to advocating for victims of heinous crimes.

Fidlaw’s dedicated legal team, led by Solicitors Francesco Meduri and Elena Hadjikyriakou, together with Greece-based lawyers Anna Perdikaris and Emmanouil Xenikos, fought tirelessly to ensure that the voices of survivors are heard and that justice prevails.

In addition to the charges of gang rape and physical harm, the defendants also faced accusations of breaking immigration laws and illegal entry into Greece. The proceedings shed light on a prior history of criminal behavior by one of the perpetrators, further emphasising the importance of accountability and the potential application of civil liability to the state.

With its expertise in international law, Fidlaw has played a pivotal role in this groundbreaking case. The firm’s diligent efforts have not only secured a just outcome for the survivor but have also sent a powerful message that perpetrators will be held accountable, regardless of their nationality.

This conviction sets an important precedent, instilling hope in survivors and contributing to the creation of a safer and more just society.

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