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The Ultimate Nostalgic Winter Bucket List for Your Children

Let’s face it. Getting your kids outdoors and encouraging them to take part in new activities can be challenging. This is especially true during the winter period. In fact, as days become shorter, colder, and darker, keeping your children entertained can become a truly arduous task. The temptation to just stay indoors and allow them to spend all evening on tech devices is almost irresistible. But are there any valid alternatives?

With a bit of creativity, the answer is ‘yes’. They say that it is not good to stay stuck in the past, but a throwback to nostalgic childhood activities can prove to be a great solution. Without smartphones or TV cartoons 24/7, 20th-century kids found many ways to keep themselves busy – both indoors and outdoors.

Here we list a number of hobbies for your little ones to enjoy during the winter season. Wrap them up in their kids’ waterproof suit and get them out of the house – don’t be fazed by the dark afternoons and chilly weather conditions!


Don’t let the early winter sunsets spoil all the fun. Take advantage of dark evenings – it is the perfect opportunity for your little astronomers to glance up at the stars in the sky. In fact, during the summer months, your children are often tucked up in bed by the time the stars come out. Therefore, a night-time activity could be a unique experience for them!

Stargazing is a simple yet fascinating activity that can really satiate your kids’ curiosity. Opt for a clear night, snuggle up under a warm blanket, and count as many stars as you can.

Animal detectives

With the arrival of the colder months, we tend to stay indoors. But that’s not the case for the wildlife. Grab your magnifying glass and take your children on a mission to find animal footprints.

Fresh winter snow, in particular, is perfect for showing the tracks of wild animals. Take a trip to your local park or to the woods – your children will love spotting prints along the way.

Catch snowflakes

There is no hiding that a snowy day makes for great entertainment. The roads may indeed be slippery, but you needn’t leave your driveway to enjoy it. Indeed, just step outside your front door and allow your kids to catch snowflakes.

Encourage them to taste some by sticking their tongue out and catching them as they fall. Also, ask them to collect a few on the palm of their hand. Have a closer look at their magical pattern, take pictures of them and explain the reason why they are all unique!

Freezing bubbles

Are your little ones into science? Rather than watching experiments on YouTube, why not have a go themselves when it is really chilly outside? If it is biting cold, make frozen bubbles!

It may take numerous attempts to get a bubble to freeze, but it is a fun activity that you can continue doing for weeks. Blowing bubbles and watching them transforming into ice is a gripping pastime. Your children will love this hobby and will want to learn more about the science behind it.

Evening lights walk

With the festive period fast approaching, it is likely that your neighbourhood or city centre will be full of lights and decorations. There is no hiding that kids love Christmas and all that comes with it. Therefore, a night-time winter walk among the colourful lights will both get them excited and truly brighten their day.

Bundle them up in coats, scarves, and hats and have a short tour around the block. They will enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the winter evening and will cherish those special moments forever.

Read a book

On occasion, torrential rain or strong snowstorms will leave you with no other option than to stay indoors. But why spend all day in front of the television? Why watch a story on a screen when you can read one and make up your own characters instead?

A good book or fairy tale will keep your little ones engaged while sparking their fantasy and creativity. They may want to read or come up with their own fun story too. Put their ideas into writing and watch their novel come to life!

As temperatures start to drop and sunlight fades earlier during the day, it can be difficult to encourage your little ones to engage in outdoor activities. We hope that this list will provide you with some useful tips about how to make the most of the winter season. Ditch your mobile devices and turn off the telly for a few hours – introduce some nostalgic pastimes and create special hobbies that your kids will love to take part in!   


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