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Make me-time and self-care a part of your lifestyle with tips from Wecasa

  • With 79% of the UK workforce having experienced burnout and mental health issues in the past few years Wecasa gives tips on how to make self-care a lifestyle  
  • Tips for making time for yourself and making it part of your lifestyle include schedule it in, book it in and be in the moment  
  • The need for self-care and want for methods of achieving this has increased hugely in interest with the search for “self-care routines” up by 250% since the first lockdown  

January is well-known for the ‘January blues’ and the period after Christmas and New Year is often a time of getting back into routines and finding ways to beat the blues. Wecasa – the online mobile wellness, beauty and home care services booking platform – is on a mission to bring awareness of how self-care and me-time can bring calm, happiness and help with mental health.  

According to research 79% of the UK workforce has experienced burnout of some sort, resulting in mental health struggles. Wecasa knows how difficult the last few years have been and understands that self-care is more important than ever to assist with the mental load many are experiencing. Therefore, Wecasa’s founders Pierre André and Antoine Chatelain, are bringing you the best tips to help you out in 2022 and start the year right.  

Wecasa delivers straight to your door, helping you make time for yourself and your loved ones.  

Tips for the soul  

Pierre André and Antoine Chatelain started Wecasa back in 2017 in France and expanded their business into the UK in 2021. Both founders are on a mission to make a positive impact on people’s lives by bringing ease, convenience and a fresh approach to at-home on-demand treatment services and making it a part of your ongoing lifestyle:  

  • Schedule it in: we are often guilty of putting everyone before ourselves and letting daily chores take over precious me-time. Make a conscious effort to build self-care and me-time into your lifestyle. Look at your overall time and figure out where there is space for you to be the priority, then schedule this in on an ongoing basis  
  • Book it in, in advance: people often feel guilty about booking in time for themselves; however, it is as useful to your mental wellbeing as a routine doctor’s appointment. It often helps to book in your desired me-time in advance to avoid letting it fall to the wayside. Book up multiple appointments, activities and relaxation to fill up the diary. We find that if we do this then it fits into our schedule and we won’t cancel because it’s already been paid for  
  • Be in the moment: we cannot say this enough, but turn off your phone. It’s a challenge, we know, but to fully appreciate me-time and self-care you need to be in the moment and block out the outside world – those emails can wait and so can those WhatsApp messages – turn airplane mode on and make it a real break  

With workloads on the rise both professionally and at home, it’s harder than ever for busy people to find time for themselves and achieve the right work-life balance. Wecasa is ready to help bring calm, balance and ease to your day-to-day life, no matter how busy.  

Self-care on the rise  

The pandemic has seen a huge shift in the way people live their lives and the lifestyle choices they now make. The past several years has seen a boom in delivery and at-home services catering to the ‘right here, right now’ trend; the need for on-demand services is now more popular and growing faster than ever.   

With many customers accustomed to ordering anything they need online, the at-home mobile wellness and beauty treats are no different. In the UK this trend has seen a huge increase and the search for “self-care routines” has increased by 250% since the first lockdown. 

According to Wecasa’s customers this is all a result of covid lockdowns and feeling safer in one’s own home. It makes logistics easier especially if you have children so it fits into your schedule and Wecasa also works with many less able people who now have the opportunity to receive treatments at home and enjoy pampering.  

Wecasa is your go-to online booking platform for wellness, beauty, and home services, seven days a week. Visit for further information and to book now.  

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