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How Do You Attach Velcro Tape?

Velcro tape is incredibly versatile, able to be used for a wide variety of tasks and applications, no matter what projects you work on. 

Learning how to use Velcro tape effectively can improve your workflow and professional quality. You can discover new ways to use Velcro for organisation, storage, construction, decoration, and more. There are so many benefits you can take advantage of!

Want to find out how you can attach and use Velcro tape? Here’s everything you should know.  

What is Velcro tape?

Featuring adhesive qualities and tight-grip fastening, Velcro tape can be used to stick to almost any surface! This is a cost-effective way of securing items in both domestic and commercial settings. 

Using a premium grip design, a Velcro strip is designed to hold items in place without losing grip over time while allowing for attachment and removal as needed. Far from being reserved for simple home-based applications, Velcro tape is now used in many industrial and professional environments. 

What can Velcro tape be used for?

Today, Velcro tape has become a cheap, simple project staple across a range of tasks and industries. 

Velcro tape can be used to hang a picture or fasten a rug in place, as well as fastening other household items. On a professional scale, extra-strength Velcro tape is often used for installing solar panels and carpets, as well as artificial turf and industrial signage. Anything is possible!

How to attach Velcro tape

Attaching Velcro tape is easy following just a few simple steps.

First, ensure that you have chosen the right Velcro tape with the right strength to accommodate your project. Next, thoroughly clean and dry the surface you want to attach Velcro to. Remove any dust or dirt, and wipe down with a clean cloth. If you’re working with a very smooth surface, you may need roughen it with fine-grit sandpaper to secure your hold. 

Once you’ve done this, peel of the backing from your Velcro tape. This will reveal an adhesive side. Try not to touch this before placing it on the surface you’re working on. Here, press the tape down firmly. Ensure that it is flat and sticking completely. Continue this process with all strips as needed. Follow the same procedure for the item you want to stick to your surface, using the opposite side of the Velcro. 

After placing your Velcro strips, it’s usually best to allow some time for the adhesive to settle. This will reduce the risk of the Velcro losing its stick and falling. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to allow around 24 hours for Velcro to stick before adding weight and securing items. 

Choosing Velcro tape options

There are many different Velcro tape options to choose from, each offering plenty of advantages. 

When choosing your Velcro tape, look for a high-quality option that is designed to maintain long-term adhesion Ensure that your chosen Velcro strips are the right size to suit your needs and are suitable for the weight you need the tape to hold. 

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