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Bloomcare Rowan Garth Alpha Course

Bloomcare Rowan Garth is proud to present Alpha Courses exploring the Christian faith, with each talk homing in on a different question surrounding faith in order to create conversation.

Alpha Courses operate with the ethos that everyone should have the opportunity to explore Christianity, sharing points of view and asking questions wherever in the world they are. Each talk focuses on a different question. The programme operates in countries all around the world – in homes, universities, churches and cafes – and everyone is welcome.

No two Alpha Courses look the same, although they generally have three key components in common: a talk, food and great conversation.

Alpha Courses are designed to engage and inspire. Usually around 30 minutes long and delivered over the course of 11 weeks, they can be presented in video format or as a live talk, unpacking the basics of Christianity and exploring the big issues around faith. Alpha Courses address questions ranging from How does God guide us? to Who is Jesus?

Probably the most valuable aspect of any Alpha course is the opportunity to share ideas and thoughts on any topic before discussing it in a small group. There is no obligation to say anything at all and nothing is out of bounds: this is simply an opportunity to contribute and hear the opinions of others in an open, honest and friendly environment.

Alpha started in London in 1977 at the Holy Trinity Brompton. It was then taken by Nicky Gumbel in 1990 and repositioned as a course for people outside of the congregation. The number of Alpha Course attendees at Holy Trinity Brompton quickly grew into the hundreds, attracting the attention of other religious institutions across denominations.

All over the word today, millions of individuals have attended Alpha Courses, which have been translated into 112 different languages. The Alpha Talks have been relaunched as the Alpha Youth Series and the Alpha Film Series for today’s audiences, connecting younger generations with the gospel.

As times have changed, so too has the Alpha Course. Nevertheless, it remains an efficient tool for the church to reconnect the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The first Alpha conference was staged at the Holy Trinity Brompton in 1993. More than 1,000 church leaders were in attendance, learning about Alpha and how to present it in their congregations. As interest increased, Alpha conferences were staged across the world. In addition, the Alpha Film Series aired in 1994, making Alpha accessible to the widest possible audience.

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