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New Research Reveals Destination Wedding Budgets are Increasing with Extended Celebrations & Luxury Villas Soaring in Popularity

New research from the wedding venue experts, Wedinspire has revealed that those planning to get married overseas this year are prepared to spend significantly more than couples tying the knot in 2022. 

Despite the cost of living crunch, extended celebrations, longer haul destinations and luxurious private villas are firmly in favour with today’s wedding couples – and they’re prepared to up their budgets to secure their dream day. 

In its latest survey of more than 500 couples planning a destination wedding, Wedinspire’s researchers discovered that the number of couples spending less than £15,000 on their wedding has fallen by 30%, but the number of couples budgeting £50,000 – £75,000 has increased by 10%. 

Those bigger budgets are helping to finance extended getaways, with the majority of modern couples now opting to stretch their nuptials over more than just one day. Over 70% of couples say they plan to celebrate their wedding across a whole weekend, while others are opting for a three or even five-day event. 

Those who are jetting off to get married will also see some of their budget being spent on luxurious accommodation, with private villas increasingly in demand. 4 in 10 couples will forgo the traditional hotel stay and instead, will splash out on a private wedding villa property for their destination wedding. 

Wedinspire co-founder Charlotte Ingham said, “Wedding budgets are up, further flung destinations are in demand and celebrations are being extended over multiple days. Our research shows that couples planning to get married overseas this year really are pulling out all the stops to ensure their marriage gets off to a magical beginning with no expense spared. 

“With wedding villas the most desirable venue for overseas ceremonies, those planning to marry this year will spend significantly more on their celebration than couples celebrating their big day just 12 months ago.”

Wedinspire is an online platform which connects couples with exceptional wedding venues around the world. Based in the UK, the company has an exclusive portfolio of romantic venues, including intimate retreats and relaxing beach destinations. It aims to make like easy for those in search of the perfect place to exchange their vows by featuring venues and concepts that couples may not have even considered.

For more information about Wedinspire, visit: 

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