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trump in rally

In a rally, Trump said to the women that their husbands would be back to work

In a rally in the battleground state of Michigan during the campaign of elections, Donald Trump said to his female voters that they would help their husbands take their jobs back as most people lost their jobs due to coronavirus’s pandemic.

As the elections are very close, Donald Trump said to women in a battleground state of Michigan that he would give back the jobs to their husbands that they were lost in the previous months.

As because of the pandemic of Covid 19, America’s economy has an adverse impact, mostly of workers become jobless. As in America, a large number of corona cases were reported.

The government had to start lockdown to reduce the numbers of corona; they may be spread due to social gatherings.

In such a hard time, the majority of workers lose their jobs, and they become jobless. 

One week before the election, Donald Trump promises his female voters that he will give back their husbands’ jobs, which lost during the coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump said that he also wants to see the people working for the stability of the economy.

In his speech, he said that there is a cure for every problem during the election campaign.

So we must find out the treatment for every situation because a drug is the only solution to every problem.

Donald Trump also said to the audience that they would get back him as a president of America because people have trust in him.

He said that people want safety. They want moral laws in America. He said that people have believed in his abilities.

He said that he would give security and provide protection to the people of America. He will help the country to regain economic stability.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the economy has been badly affected because most people lost their jobs.

They become jobless. In America, a large number of corona cases were reported. There was a need for lockdown at that wrong time, so they start lockdown in the country, which badly affects the country’s economy.

Donald Trump said to the Women that he cares about women who live in the state of America.

He said that women are the greatest, and he loves women.

He gives respect to females.

According to the many reports, it is seen that coronavirus pandemic affected the female more as compare to men.

Many women lost their jobs than male members in that difficult time due to the corona epidemic.

According to the reports, it is shown that in September; about 865000 females were jobless due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

And 216000 male members were also left from the workplace. According to the report, it is shown that about 54 percent of jobs they were lost due to the pandemic were of female workers.

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