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After the death of Walter Wallace, Philadelphia police announces reform

It is said that number of steps will be taken by the Philadelphia Police Department to train the police officers for all kinds of circumstances.

After the death of Walter Wallace, this was shot by the police officer, and it was decided to introduce the police officers to respond appropriately in situations such as mental health crises.

In October, 27 year’s old black man named Walter Wallace was shot by white police officers. Last week, Walter Wallace had the knife in his hand and was moving towards his office.

When police ordered him to put down the knife, Walter Wallace refuses to follow police officers’ orders.

So these two police officers shot at him and killed him. According to the statement of the parent of Walter Wallace, he was facing a mental issue. That’s why he is doing such a thing.

On Wednesday, the footage was released, which shows the interaction between Walter Wallace and the police officers.

So, as a result of police officers’ shots, Philadelphia officials made reforms to the police department on Wednesday. Black man Walter Wallace was fired more than a dozen rounds by the police officers, and he died by the officers’ shot.

It has said that Walter Wallace was disobeyed the order and continues walking towards them. The Officials showed killing footage on Wednesday.

Danielle, Police Commissioner in Philadelphia, declared that he made several reforms after the incidence of the Walter Wallace shooting. By the fall of 2020, training will be done in crisis intervention.

Catty, the mother of Walter Wallace, was present at the time of the incident; she said that she tries to tell the police that he has faced the mental illness, so stop firing him.

It is shown in video footage that the mother of Walter Wallace was trying to stop the police officers from firing at him.

While talking to the reporters, Catchy said that she was continually trying to stop the police officer from firing on him. But police officers ignore her. 

Parents of Walter Wallace said that his son was facing a mental health illness. At the news conference, Walter Wallace’s mother spoke to the reporters that of his son, the officers came to her house three times, and they start laughing at her.

At the press conference on Wednesday, it is said that officers will be trained on how to respond to mental health issues. After the news of the death of Walter Wallace by the police officers, In Philadelphia, a protest broke out.

It can be seen in the video that Walter Wallace was present at some distance from the police officers when they start firing at him. For multiple times, he was shot by the white police officers.

Philadelphia officer said last Friday that the people are unfortunate about the death of the black man, and they start protests for the right of Walter Wallace.

As the police officer were of white race and he shot the black man, therefore people are angry on it him and start protesting.

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