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President Donald Trump turns out a tidal wave of early voting

In the election campaign for voting which is going to be held in the next week of October the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, said that he is thinking of making policy. By which the voters’ turnout has to be lowered during the general election which is going to take place soon.

On Wednesday, president of America Donald Trump said to the reporters that he does not want to have count ballots after the elections take place during the election campaign.

Because it takes time, he wanted that the election result should be announced as soon as possible. He wishes that the announcement must be made on the night of the election, which will occur in the next week of October.

Donald Trump, the United States of America president, said that those states who want to waste time by counting ballots would not be allowed by courts of doing that.

Because as he already takes this to the notice of the court. During the election campaign, in a rally that took place in Arizona, Donald Trump told the reporters that he already got the victory on that matter. So they will not go against the court rules.

President Donald Trump said that Wisconsin has the order by Supreme Court to discards all the ballots.

The entire Republican-appointed justices approved the decision of Donald Trump’s decision. They said they do not support the president of America, Donald Trump, in that matter.

And they said that the election must not be done in this way. They said that they want to make the proper procedure for the conductance of the election, which will be taking place in the next week of October.

Donald Trump, the president of the United States of America, said that he does not want any wastage of time and the result of the election should be announced at the night of the election and people should not have to wait for the results of the polls.

The reporter of Yahoo News, Jon Ward, reported that the Republicans officials wanted to inhibit the election officials from counting mail-in ballots in the few states.

They were not in favor of voting in that way. They are continually disapproving of Donald Trump’s order.

As with the time, the cases of Corona are becoming higher in number. According to the reports, the Corona spread in Wisconsin is at a higher rate.

Last Monday, the number of corona cases reached 200,000. While in most states, there is a need for the closing of restaurants due to the corona outbreak.

In the Midwest, the spread of Corona becoming worse day by day. Despite such a threatening condition, Republicans make a vast number of voting-related lawsuits, and they filed it all over the country. And most cases they filed are given to Supreme Court.

Texas is in the lead of early voting records, as many states are voting earlier and making records. According to an estimate, about 8 million Texans had voted. 

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