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PP Of Madrid Avoids Positioning Itself Before Vox’s Proposal To Make Early Childhood Education Free

The Popular Parliamentary Group has not positioned itself this Thursday before the Vox initiative in the Madrid Assembly that asked the Government of the Community of Madrid to establish free First Cycle Early Childhood Education from 0 to 3 years in the region.

This is one of the requests that Vox has put as a red line to give its support to the Regional Budgets for 2022, whose project will go to the Governing Council this Wednesday, as announced by the president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

This Non-Law Proposition (PNL) presented by Vox has counted, in addition to the abstention of the PP, with the vote against the PSOE, Más Madrid and Unidas Podemos, so it has not gone ahead.

In the parliamentary debate, the deputy of Vox Jaime de Berenguer has considered that his claim is “fair and good”, and tries to “make life easier for young people, those who have weak jobs, those who are beginning to form a family”. For this reason, he has asked the PP to be “brave”.

The deputy of United We Can Agustín Moreno considers that it is not necessary to do “free bar to the school check” when it is possible to invest in creating new public centers and increasing the educational offer and equity. “Why do we want gratuity when 60% of the children do not receive early childhood education? Why do we want gratuity if the education is not good? They would be parking lots for children and it would not have a good educational character,” he said.

Next, the parliamentarian of Más Madrid Tania Sánchez indicated that the educational model should be changed so that it focuses on the education and development of children. He considers that Vox is not concerned about the free education and has transferred to them that an egalitarian society occurs when everyone, regardless of their economy, accesses the same educational quality.

The PSOE deputy Marta Bernardo has criticized that Vox proposes a measure without saying “how” they would carry it out and without taking previous steps. In addition, he has condemned that they use Education from “a maximum populism” and that they want to return to “the gratuity checks”, which the socialists consider “unstable”. Although they agree on the purpose of the proposal, they do not agree “with the substance or with the form.”

For her part, the PP parliamentarian Lorena Heras has been surprised that Vox takes the regional Chamber in the form of NLP when it is an issue that must be dealt with “in depth.” “They have our hand outstretched. Today the courageous thing is our union against the left because if PP and Vox do not overcome what divides us, the Madrid educational system will be at the mercy of communist social gestures,” he has launched.

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