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contact lances

Sleeping while wear contact lenses are dangerous

According to some brand who sell contact lenses say that the contact lenses could not do any damage to eyes while sleeping. Brands of contact lenses say that that it is safer to wear lenses while sleeping.

Contact lenses are safer if proper care of contact lenses take place. But according to studies, it is proven that wearing contact lenses is not safer. Contact lenses are not part of our eye; it is foreign material that is used.

So wearing contact lenses while sleeping is not safe; thus, we should take off the contact lenses when we are going to sleep.

Contact lenses should be safer and comfortable. Proper moisture is requiring contact lenses so that it remains moist. 

Eyes provide the moisture which they require. Proper sterility of contact lenses should be done, to avoid the growth of any microorganisms which may cause any infection in the skin.

So cleaning must be done from Time to Time to avoid the trap of bacteria which, may cause in any eye infections. 

Sleeping while wearing contact lenses is dangerous; it may result in an eye infection. Sometimes the eye infections caused by contact lenses may be mild and would be treatable by use of antibiotic drops.

While some of the eye infection may be chronic and serious, even when the chronic condition is treated, there is still scarring on the cornea of the eye.

Eye infection can cause a permanent change in the vision of an infected person. Sometimes loss of vision may occur when some eye infections occur.

Sometimes the eye infection is so chronic that there might require the need of corneal transplant if cornea gets damaged and infected by contact lenses.

Sometimes chronic infection of the eye may result in loss of vision. However, wearing contact lenses may not result in chronic illnesses; therefore, they are treatable.

So if the infections are chronic by wearing contact lenses, then people may not wear contact lenses.

Rarely chronic infections may occur due to wearing contact lenses if lenses are not adequately placed in good hygiene. Always replace the contact lenses after the expiry date and do not wear old lenses.

The constant wearing of lenses may deprive the oxygen availability to the cornea. So with the time lenses start to lose its smooth surface.

Proper cleaning of contact lenses should be done and tries to make the lenses sterile.

Always take out contact lenses when we are going to sleep because this may result in the many kinds of mild eye infection.

From Time to Time, replace the old contact with new lenses to avoid any infection.

If contact lenses are not placed in hygiene condition, it may allow the growth of bacteria, virus and any fungi which significantly affect the eye.

Bacteria and another kind of microorganism may grow over the surface resulting in the infections in the eye.

Many kinds of mild infection may occur if contact lenses are not placed in right hygienic conditions

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