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To defeat coronavirus, celebrity, vetting and helping the President

A public campaign is started by investing 265 million dollars in defeating the coronavirus as coronavirus has been spread all over the world.

This virus kills a considerable number of people worlds widely. The treatment for this disease is still not present. As the coronavirus spread through aerosol, so social gathering is the leading cause of spreading the virus.

As the disease is spreading to great extend so we have to protect everyone from the disease of coronavirus. People have to avoid social group, and they should have to stay at home.

Due to the pandemic of coronavirus, the economy of the United States of America has been dramatically affected.

Thus the public campaign has been starting to defeat despair. According to the documents published on Thursday by House investigators, it has been written that helping the President to defeat the coronavirus is a great initiative.

The assistant secretary, Michael Caputo and other included start campaign along with stars to help America to defeat the coronavirus. But according to the lawmakers, they said they would have to exclude those celebrities who are in favor of same-sex marriage or gay right.

Actor Zach Galifianakis already declined to have a show with Donald Trump, the President of America, because he is against him. Galifianakis has already done one show with President Barak Obama.

In last September the campaign has been collapsed. Democrats on the Reform Committee and the select subcommittee on the crises of coronavirus have published a record which said that these documents consist of alarming revelations.

They reveal that Donald Trump misuses millions of taxpayer dollar; they used them for an upcoming election which is going to be held in the upcoming week.

Those celebrities that are chosen for the promotion of public campaign against coronavirus include Dennis Quaid. According to the reports and conditions, top health department officials try to keep a distance from that project.

Bryan Cranston, which is the antihero of the program on the television ‘Breaking Bad’, said that President Donald Trump attacks journalist in 2019 during an award speech.

For the public campaign against the coronavirus, only ten hundreds of celebrities are considered in the end. According to the documents, the government has started to hire subcontractors. The number of subcontractors is three, and these subcontractors do not have any experiences for such a big public campaign.

This public campaign made for preventing the spread of coronavirus, one of the leading causing diseases worlds widely becoming toxic day by day. Even the available figures, as well as celebrities, have signed up.

He was also becoming against it with the passage of the time. He said that he was unfortunate and disappointed by the reaction of the public on this campaign.

With an interview with Doctor Anthony Fauci government top infectious disease expert, Quaid said after recording post on Instagram that he did not sign to public campaign for his advantages.

He said that he was unfortunate and disappointed on the reaction of available on this campaign.

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