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On Election Day, George Floyd’s brother rallies voter

In New York, at 3 November 2020, brother of George Floyd, Terrence Floyd waits to speak at a Get out the Vote Rally.

At the Brooklyn neighborhood, on last Tuesday, it was said by the people that brother is present in the poll.

Terrence Floyd whose brother George Floyd was killed during protests for Black people. Brother of George Floyd said we have to continue the fight for the right of black people.

On 25 May, when the killing of George Floyd takes place, Terrence Floyd, the brother of the boy has thrust into a spotlight. Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, is a normal man who is driving the bus in the city of New York.

Terrence Floyd is a 42-year-old man who has three children. Now Terrence Floyd wants to continue to raise the voice of his brother and continue to fight for the right of black people. 

Terrence Floyd said that I feel like that my brother George Floyd is talking to him. He said that he always has the sound of his brother in his ear who is saying that speak for me.

He said that his brother George Floyd is always saying to me to that tell the people to understand that the same may happen to you so please continue your voice for your right. Terrence Floyd said that he could not breathe when he remembers the death of his brother.

Terrence Floyd has worn the black color hoodie, and he has worn the mask while he expressed his feeling on the death of his brother.

He said that the white race police officer had held his knee to his brother’s neck and shot him to death.

Terrence Floyd said that he wants justice for his brother. Terrence Floyd planned to go to the election polls on the Election Day to raise voice for his brother.

Joe Biden, Former Vice President, has promised to provide the racial justice to the Black men. 

About half of the voters in the Election Day raise the voice for racism and after the protest in the summer.

The Floyd family helped Biden in the vote campaign. For a rally with the Biden’s wife, Jill Biden has been supported by George Floyd family members. 

In Tallahassee and Florida, the rally was made by Biden wife. On Tuesday, lie most of the Americans, Terrence Floyd was also anxious and scared.

Rev. Nicolas O’Rourke said that Tuesday is significant for us. Rev Nicolas O’Rourke always has the rise the voice for the racism.

Walter Wallace, a black man who has also died in the recent time by the white police officer, Philadelphia become a famous spot for the wake of the police shooting which causes the death of the black man.

On 26 October, the family of the Walter Wallace has requested to give justice to them.  On the Brooklyn in the SUV, Terrence along with the attorney Sandford Rubenstein has loud the voice in the loudspeaker, and they were looking for the potential voters.

Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, said that he does not to be a politician. He does not order the people to vote to anyone.

They have the choice to vote anyone, and it is their choice. But I will raise the voice for the black men, and I will say that please wake up and open your eyes.

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