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Zero risk in New Virus Strains in City

Zero risk does not exist and if there is something that the coronavirus likes, it is social interaction. However, they were concentrations and demonstrations prepared with health prevention: without crowds, in the open air, wearing a mask and spread throughout the capital and its towns.

Faced with the political and judicial decision to prohibit protest acts on Women’s Day in Madrid (the community with the highest contagion rate in all of Spain, with 245 cases per 100,000 inhabitants), the main associations have decided to call off their acts . Despite this, feminism has stepped on the streets of the city . Also on many balconies, which have dawned with purple hearts.

Defying the prohibition of the Government Delegation and the Constitutional Court, the Student Union – which has called a strike throughout Spain against “patriarchal justice, sexist violence, transphobia and police repression”, has manifested in the central Puerta del Sol at noon.

“If they have to arrest us, they must arrest us all,” explained one of the spokespersons after criticizing the criminalization that, in her opinion, the group suffers.

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