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Getting the best: top tips for hiring Acrow props

Acrow props are some of the most imperative equipment in construction. But there is no cut-and-shut solution to hiring them as you have to ensure you get the right ones for your application!

This essential construction technology comes in a range of different sizes that make them applicable to a range of onsite jobs and functions. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some top tips for hiring your set:

  • What kind of load can they handle?

A pivotal consideration when renting this technology and finding out Acrow prop hire cost is selecting the right values with the manufacturer’s specifications in mind. The project engineer must be able to analyse whether the technology needs extra requirements to handle the loads being provided. This equipment comes in a range of different weight categories, so it’s important to know that they will handle the loads of heavy construction projects.

  • How tall are they?

Picking the right design for the job can be difficult, and you have to consider the unit’s height that is fixed from top to bottom. This is one of the most important considerations, as they may not be able to fill the gap between floor and ceiling if they are the wrong size (which affects the unit’s safety and overall efficiency).

  • Are they durable?

They must be durable, as they need to be able to last the rigorous strain a tough project can put on them. They require high quality locks that will be able to secure the framework, and they must be able to support the upper portion to ensure safety and efficiency. Their durability and sturdiness is essential as they must be able to support ongoing construction as well as any necessary repairs.

  • Do you need them for a long time?

How long will you need the units? If your project has a clear, well-defined vision, then it is likely you will have an exact idea of how long you will need them. This all depends on the project’s scale, and you don’t want to find yourself renting them out for too short or too long a time period.

You should rent them according to how quickly you intend to complete the project if you are working on a large scale construction. This is because you have to define the requirements of using them, the duration of which you will be working on the site and the project’s scale. You can also talk to your installer about these elements.

  • How many units do you need for the project?

This is generally based upon the project site’s square footage. This will define the structure’s overall load when you are renting the designs, making unit numbers another important consideration when renting this imperative construction equipment.

It’s all about knowing the right amount & for how long

Renting Acrow props is an essential part of construction work, but you don’t want to hire too many or too little, as you could be caught short or stuck with too many (something which is also bad for budget!).

Mistakes in renting can cost construction companies. As such, you want to be sure you are getting the right amount and the right design for your construction needs.

By simply following the above tips, you should be able to figure out exactly how many you need, for how long and what design will be perfect for your build!

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