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Challenges Of Songs On TikTok Are Born Now

TikTok has arrived, grown and become a fundamental piece of social media marketing strategy. Since the products that succeed in it have begun to become popular products outside of it as well (TikTok already impacts fashions and the things that people buy), marketers work on a strategy to position themselves in the network of videos.

The key is to go viral on TikTok, as the music industry and its work with challenges well know. Until not long ago, there was a certain manual on how to act, a carbon copy of general influencer marketing on social networks. You needed a popular account that would give breadth to your product.

Now, there are those who begin to work in a different way. Music industry marketers have changed the game and the way they now promote songs on TikTok could be a first step in revamping how influencer marketing is done and creating the go-viral manual. In the past, as in general with influencer marketing, what was sought were ultra-popular accounts, which published content.

The large audiences those influencers had were trusted to do the rest. If the star X tells you to dance in such a way to song Y, a significant percentage of his followers will. The last viral is born. However, things have changed. The change in influencer marketing is not limited to this area.

Consumers themselves have changed their perception of influencers, who have lost credibility and no longer see themselves as close entities. This has made their messages less attractive and their reception much worse than in the past. For this reason, marketers are taking refuge in micro-influencers, much smaller accounts but with closer connections with audiences.

Anyone can start your viral
In a way, that’s also what the music industry is doing, although even talking about micro-influencers seems excessive. As explained in Insider , marketers are using specialized platforms to pay users of the social network to raise the challenges with which they want to promote their songs to their profiles on TikTok.

Before, marketers bet on the big stars of the social network. Now, they have decentralized the effort and prefer to bet on small accounts that will release the song many more times. They are paying a total of much more people and this is expected to increase the likelihood of it being seen and garbed.

Some of those platforms that put brands in contact with users of the social network allow you to register with lists of followers as low as a minimum of 100 fans. Payment is made by viewings or likes metrics, not by the amount of potential audience that will be reached.

Payments range from $ 10 to $ 80, which means that thousands of accounts are signed with a budget similar to what it would cost to sign a couple of influencers. Costs go down and ROI goes up. Everything is cheaper. The risk also falls, because not all the eggs have been put in the same basket.

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