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Facebook Describes Children As An “Untapped” Business In An Internal Report

Yesterday, Thursday, September 30, Antigine Davis (Facebook’s head of Global Security) suffered a rather uncomfortable interrogation when having to answer questions related to whether Facebook is committed to protecting younger audiences from the damage that can cause social networks.

Two days ago, T ‘ve Wall Street Journal reported that Instagram harms the mental health of adolescents, especially adolescent girls . The newspaper stated that Facebook carried out three studies in the last few years to show what level of toxicity Instagram had and what repercussions it could have on this young audience – some reports showed that anxiety , depression and suicide attempts were the cases More popular-.

As a consequence of these problems , an attempt was made to develop the Instagram Kids application where parents would have control of the multimedia content that their children upload, despite the fact that it has been paralyzed . Senator Ed Markey (Democrat of Massachusetts) believes that the social network of photographs is harmful to mental health because young people can feel judged by the level of popularity they can get.

On the other hand, it is pointed out that Facebook has problems reaching the pre-adolescent audience around the world, although today a six-year-old already knows how to use a mobile perfectly , assuming that he could use any application without any complication.

Hundreds of videos that violate the rules of the app are removed.
How can TikTok be able to offer pornographic content and drug videos to minors? This is how your algorithm works
At the moment, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is staining his public image due to the number of scandals that have been happening in recent days , despite the fact that the activity of the apps that belong to the famous businessman are under scrutiny to analyze the activity due to to encourage them to start using at an early age.

As mentioned above, due to the damage caused by Instagram to this female audience, the Instagram Kids project had to be stopped due to complaints and calls from a multitude of representatives and legislators of the Democratic Party in the United States. Who knows, maybe these problems end up hurting the number of users who are registered in these applications because a decrease could be noticed .

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