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TikTok Launches Its First Television Advertising Campaign In Spain

The campaign will focus on UEFA EURO 2020 and will be broadcast on the main television channels between June 1 and July 11. Madrid, June 1, 2021.- TikTok, the leading short-format mobile video platform, continues to demonstrate its commitment to Spain and makes its debut on television by launching its first advertising campaign focused on UEFA EURO 2020, with the aim of connecting to people with what they are really passionate about.

The campaign, which will be broadcast from June 1 to July 11, has been created by the London agency Dark Horses, and aims to share TikTok’s passion for football with the Spanish public, placing its users and creators at the center of advertising creation.

This campaign in Spain is a reflection of the commitment that the entertainment platform has for our country, reinforcing the localized approach by which TikTok has been characterized since its arrival on the European continent, in August 2018.

The 20-second television spot will be broadcast on the main television channels in Spain and uses images published on the platform by the creators themselves, in which they can be seen dancing, performing challenges, celebrating and even freestyle.

All this under the premise: Where the fans play. During the same period of time, TikTok will also be present on several of the main online platforms, using a specific format and content adapted to each medium.

Through these two videos, TikTok will showcase some of the most prominent Spanish creators, such as the Spanish freestyle soccer champion, @javifreestyle, the famous sports journalist @danae_boronat and @ davidabad11, who entertains his thousands of followers talking about everything kind of football related topics.

Click here to see the first video and here to see the second video. TikTok, where fans playSports in general, and soccer in particular, are among the most popular content on TikTok for Spanish users, and for the more than 100 million users that the platform has in Europe.

As an official sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020, TikTok wanted to accompany all Spanish fans on their way to the great tournament, through an advertising campaign that will be broadcast on television and other digital media, and will encourage them to be inspired and share .

TikTok reaffirms its commitment to sport and SpainSince its arrival in Europe almost three years ago, TikTok has bet heavily on sports in general, and football in particular, with activations and challenges aimed at lovers and fans of these disciplines. In fact, the #Football hashtag is one of the most popular on TikTok with over 122 billion views.

In this sense, a few months ago, the platform decided to take another step in its commitment by becoming the official sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020, being the first online platform to do so. Through this sponsorship, TikTok will offer exclusive features to its users, such as augmented reality effects, hashtag challenges, videos, sounds and all kinds of creative tools so that fans can enjoy this Euro Cup like never before.

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