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Is YouTube Also Trying To Conquer The Podcast Market

First, YouTube opened a new market, establishing short videos and serving as the key to laying the foundations for the video boom. Their presence dynamited the traditional positions of power of the great actors of the audiovisual universe.

YouTube was possibly the first bankruptcy of the domain of television. Then YouTube became the great catwalk for music. Not only did it establish itself as the space in which the new video clips were seen and to which one went to teach others what that latest fashionable song was, but also it was positioned as the direct place where music was going to be listened to.

The company itself has ended up assuming it. Along the way, YouTube also positioned itself as the premier space for children’s entertainment. Children already spend more hours watching YouTube videos than they do on TV. And now is YouTube about to try to appropriate a new emerging content format? Maybe yes: maybe the time has come for podcasts.

At the end of the day, these contents are in fashion, they have more and more users and they have managed to become a fundamental piece in the future career of the advertising market. The battle is served.

YouTube is already looking for a manager specializing in the matter, which in terms of business and strategy is usually the first step that the giants take when they are going to make the leap into a new market. As published Bloomberg , YouTube is looking for a manager to be responsible for managing your podcast business. It is a newly created position, which strengthens the idea that the time has come when they take seriously what this market entails.

The movement has a certain logic
Although YouTube is not a podcast platform, that does not mean that your audience is not listening to that content on your site – in a similar way to how they do with songs – or that their star YouTubers are not already making the leap to this. type of content.

As you remember in the economic environment, both things are already happening. Some YouTube stars have created their own podcasts and some podcast creators upload video versions to the platform. It’s basically them talking on video.

But that this reality exists does not necessarily imply that YouTube has been working on it or has been amortizing it. Neither its app nor its website have versions geared towards podcasts. That is what could change, because the new position – as confirmed by YouTube to Bloomberg – would work in these areas.

He had to organize and manage the podcast catalog. Once this is all in order, we assume, monetizing it with advertising would potentially be much easier. YouTube does not reach a field devoid of powerful players. In fact, it could even be said that it is almost late in the battle for the podcast listener, because content and music majors have already been trying to position themselves in that field. Both Amazon and Spotify have made signings and moves in recent years to secure firm positions on an increasingly interesting playing field.

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