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Which Spanish Firm Is The Zigzag Dress With Which Ana Boyer Has Revolutionized Instagram

Following in the footsteps of her sister Tamara , Ana Boyer is making her way on Instagram and has become a true ‘it girl’. Fernando Verdasco’s woman is a benchmark when it comes to fashion, especially for those who love the elegant and timeless style. However, in one of her latest publications, Boyer has taken a risk with a Spanish signature zigzag print dress that has caused a sensation among her followers.

The socialite has been animated with a pattern that already conquered Sara Carbonero – and that she managed to exhaust in a matter of hours. And it is that, the zigzag drawing, which takes us to those seventies and multicolored designs, comes this season stomping.

Isabel Preysler’s daughter is one of the best ambassadors of our fashion, since she usually wears clothes from national designers, showing her unconditional support for national talent. In this way, Boyer has done the same with his latest look, which belongs to the Spanish firm Michonet.

It is a short-sleeved knit dress, with a round neckline, a back with crossed detail, a midi cut and a zigzag print in very cheerful colors. Its price is 165 euros and is available on the firm’s website in sizes XS, S and M.

Despite the fact that in Ana’s publication the footwear could not be appreciated, this design is ideal to combine it with sports shoes and show off a more ‘sport’ style , or to wear it with high-heeled shoes in a bright color, if you want the result to be a more elegant look. In short, a comfortable and versatile dress that is postulated as one of the favorites to ‘save’ your fall.

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