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The Unexpected Recipe With A Frozen Egg That Sweeps TikTok

Yes. It is possible to make grilled quail eggs from a chicken egg and it will take 1 minute . We explain how to do it in this video.

In addition to being a source of protein and vitamins, eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. In tortilla, scrambled, for any sauce, cooked … and now also frozen.

What is the use of freezing an egg? To avoid spoiling, of course, but also to prepare endless recipes . Surely on some occasion you have bought those tiny quail eggs to prepare fried eggs but in a small size. Well, if you have chicken eggs at home – those of a lifetime – you can also do it. You just have to put them in the frozen and follow a few very simple steps.

Three ways to cook ‘fried’ eggs without using oil
On this occasion and with the frozen egg we are not going to put our hands to our heads if we find a crack in the shell. On the contrary, that is a sign that it is ready to cook. Have you ever cooked a frozen egg? Well, take note of how to do it.

Very easy! As we have already told in our TikTok account , the first thing you should do is wash it for a few seconds with hot water and peel it. Take your kitchen board and cut it into slices as we show you in the video. They will come out like some kind of quail eggs! Once you have them, pour a little oil in a pan and when it is hot – over not very high heat – you can put the eggs in it.

Cover them for a few minutes to make them better and when you see them ready -this has to go to eye- add the salt . And this is how, from an egg you can get small fried eggs ideal for preparing canapés and conquer all your guests with the starters.

You can serve them on toast with avocado and cherry tomatoes, as in the video, in tartlets with a saloon and a little mayonnaise, with dried tomato and goat cheese … Let your imagination fly and make these eggs the alma mater of your appetizers!

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