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Carla Barber’s Strategy To Avoid Instagram Censorship In Her Nude Poses In The Pool

Carla Barber has raised the temperature this September on Instagram by posting two of the most sensual poses in the pool. The doctor appears totally naked while enjoying a pleasant bath in a luxury hotel in Lanzarote.

But the most curious thing about his post is the way in which he avoids the censorship of the social network. In one of her snapshots, the most explicit, the young woman pulls Photoshop to blur her breasts, aware of Instagram’s policy when it comes to showing nipples.

How could it be otherwise, the publication of Diego Matamoros’ ex-girlfriend has revolutionized his more than 880,000 followers, many of whom have been praised for her: “Vaya bellezón”, “Piece of a great body” or “What so precious mermaid. ” Of course, there are also others who criticize her excessive retouching: “It doesn’t look like her” or “The head doesn’t belong to the body,” they say.

Be that as it may, these high-voltage poses come a couple of weeks after the influencer announced that she suffers from heart disease . In recent days, she has also visited a clinic specializing in fertility treatments to find out if her disease is hereditary and her future baby could suffer from this same ailment.

“I do not freeze my eggs yet, we have simply talked about it having been diagnosed with heart disease very recently, it is inherited by 50 percent in my future children. We are first checking what is the mutation in the gene and in the case of For them to find it, healthy embryos must be selected and we carry out in vitro fertilization. For this we would have to freeze eggs, “said the doctor.

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