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How Much Can The ROI Of A Campaign Increase When Influencers Intervene?

The Influencer Trends 2022 Report prepared by Ogilvy PR, reveals that influencer marketing will change radically next year, and alerts brands not to miss the opportunity to anticipate what is to come, both in the real world and in the new virtual realms .

The report explores emerging trends, hot topics and strategic approaches that will shape the proposals and actions of the coming year and beyond. The report reveals that Influence Marketing works best when integrated into the overall marketing and communication plans of brands.

By living with “paid media” strategies and also being tested with conventional advertising, it can be seen that creative ideas led by influencers have more impact on the final results. The report points out that the ROI of a campaign could increase by 30% if it includes the use of influencers in the different channels and platforms. “Influence is a key ingredient, not a side dish, which is growing very rapidly.

In the last 11 years this industry has matured, now we would say it is in its adolescent stage and with no signs of slowing down. Through this report, We discovered which are those areas in which it will continue to grow. The future of influence is the future of marketing, and in 2022, the brands that support this premise will be the brands that we will talk about in the coming months “, says Rahul Titus , Head of Influence at Ogilvy UK & EMEA.

In 2020, the B2B influencer industry was estimated to be worth $ 4.6 billion and this trend is expected to continue into 2022. According to the Ogilvy report, the reason for this change is explained by underlining that online content also drives decisions purchase, regardless of the sector. But for B2B influence to be effective, brands must identify the right people and platforms to share this content.

And the best B2B influencers are, in the first place, the employees of the company, mainly because they speak to audiences as individuals, being the face of their companies. Pepe González, Influence Marketing Manager at Ogilvy reinforces this idea, “this type of B2B profiles, which are also known as Corporate Influencers, are those that are more specialized in specific matters, with a high power of prescription not only on LinkedIn, as is I could think, but also on Twitter and especially on Podcast and they are essential to be able to build credibility and trust around brands. “

Another of the conclusions that the report launches determines that inclusive influence equals better results, but brands must take into account the salary gap that exists between certain demographic groups. In this sense, and to respond to this situation, Ogilvy has launched the Maximum Margin Rate, the first initiative of its kind that aims to guarantee that influencers receive a fair payment for their work.

Finally, in the report Ogilvy also explores what the metaverse will mean for influencer marketing and anticipates that, with the arrival of this new virtual universe, authenticity will be one of the key factors to capture the attention of audiences. And that brands must get used to influencers being co-creators of experiences with them, not mere prescribers of content.

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