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Iñigo Errejón Criticizes The Rise Of Marta Ortega In Inditex And Revolutionizes Twitter

The leader of Más País has starred in one of the controversies of the day on Twitter , where it has become a Trending Topic. And it is that Íñigo Errejón has received hundreds of criticisms after questioning the worth of Marta Ortega , named this Tuesday new president of Inditex: “The daughter of Amancio Ortega will replace her father at the head of Inditex . Meritocracy is the parents, literally”.

The deputy, who has organized a virtual talk about the ‘Meritocracy’, has outraged the users of the social network, who have reminded him of the rise of Irene Montero or even the appointment of his father, José Antonio Errejón, member of the Advisory Council of European Affairs of the Community of Madrid.

Of course, and Irene Montero has arrived where she has arrived because of her master’s degree at Yale and not because she is a common-law partner of ??

PS: In a free country, the owner of the company chooses whoever he wants to succeed.

?? edulopezs7 (@unabogadoenmi) November 30, 2021

Not like Irene Montero, who manages a budget of 500 M ?? for their intellectual capacity.

?? ???????? Íbero López (@Iberodelsur) November 30, 2021

What has merit are the couples in bed, who ask Tania Sanchez or Irene Montero.

?? Diego Aranguren (@ DAranguren2002) November 30, 2021

???????? Irene Montero says it !!! And the Lastra !! O Ballast !!!

?? Berciano power (@vanderluber) November 30, 2021

Irene Montero can inherit her father’s money and real estate, because to be from the Left you don’t have to be poor.

Marta Ortega can’t inherit her father’s company, because that’s not meritocracy.

If you don’t understand, you’re a face pic.twitter. com / is0OGcqp7S

?? p (@ pablo46344751) November 30, 2021

Are you going to talk about Ana Botín, Irene Montero, Lilith …?

?? DeMuro (@metalweedmon) November 30, 2021

Let Irene Montero come out to talk to us about meritocracy, please! I beg it!

?? ?? RIGHT AND SINISTER ?? (@MalavitaSampe) November 30, 2021

Take a macho comment !!! In other words, this woman has been working and training to run that company all her life; you work more hours in a month and generate more wealth than you have in your entire life; but oh my friend! for you her only merit is to be a father’s daughter; take salon feminism …

?? Buah_Txabal (@BTxabal) November 30, 2021

If you think so, make a raffle with the DNI numbers, to see who gets the company !!!
Yours is firework!

?? Pijus Magnificus ???? (@Lapaviamecanica) November 30, 2021

Let’s see, not everything goes politician sir.

1- He replaces Pablo Isla. He is not his father.
2- The company is private and the owner can put who comes out of the bell. More would be missing.
3- What about his lord father is meritocracy or what do we call it?

?? Dani Gomez (@Danigdiez) November 30, 2021

Iñigo Errejon’s father signed for an advisory council that will influence the distribution of EU aid in Madrid.
The meritocracy is the children, literally.

?? ???? Mitch Bukanan. ???????????? (@ _Chule_74) November 30, 2021

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