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11 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Audience

Growing a social media fan base is hard because it requires not only dedication and creativity but also timed marketing strategies coupled with powerful media handles that can help you reach where you wish to.

In an era of digital platforms it’s important for an individual and a business to maintain online presence, especially for those who seek connections and increased reach. With the world now shrinking into a true global village it’s become important to stay aware of whatever is happening in this village because any event that now happens in one corner of the world has an impact on the farther side, particularly for the businesses.

Within a single day, millions of deals are closed and hundreds of thousands of people newly subscribe to organizations, brands, and businesses around the globe. In order to make sure that you are also cashing in on the growing connectivity make sure to follow these 11 ways through which you can grow your social media audience.

Images are important

Always remember that you can’t get anywhere without including visuals in your every post because there’s nothing like a vivid image telling a story to the public. People are though interested in catchy captions but any post without a visual is basically just text that people can easily ignore, so why take the chances?

Videos win hearts

Instagram reels, Facebook stories, and WhatsApp status are one of the best way to get the word out if you are someone who loves interactivity as there’s nothing like a short video to tell about yourself, your business, and your products. Often businesses struggle with confidence maintenance, one of the best tips for them is to start making videos about whatever they wish to promote.

Stay in the community

People love a business and individual that respects community and tries to be an active part of it. Share your views and humble opinions on community issues that you are living in so that people are able to understand that you are willing to get back, that way they’d find it easier to connect with you.

Change photos actively

Putting up a cover or display picture and then leaving it there for a good couple of months takes the attention away from your profile, something that you really don’t want to happen. Make sure that you are changing the cover photos and displays quickly and especially according to events and seasons, as people love trend.

Be real

You don’t need to flaunt everything in a style alien to the common folk. Remember that someone who blends in with the people is real influencer and social media audience is driven towards a business/individual who loves to share their life with their audience. People are eager to find out how you live, what do you do on an off day, and how do you go about usually, so give them that.

Tagging goes a long way

Though not much in the trend now, but never underestimate the power of tagging as it gives you direct interactivity with hundreds of individuals if used rightly. The feature of friends of friends is a good one that lets you post and page be seen by nearly all individuals close in the vicinity.

Include relevant hash tags

Hash tags are the new way finders as appropriate and relevant hash tags help you land your page and post in the trendy zone thereby attracting more viewers and followers, especially on Instagram. Make sure that you are using a lot of hash tags but all of these are trending and relevant so that your post doesn’t go out of context.

Memes are the best

There’s no way you are going to survive in this harsh online world without sharing some memes. For example if you want to share awareness about personal cleanliness you can do it through a meme that discusses the adverse effects of not observing hygiene (pun intended).

Social media ads are important

The online world out there is unforgiving and unrewarding and at times even after doing everything you are short on followers, at such times it becomes necessary to use the social media ads. You’d have to pay for this method but it’s definitely worth it as it would guarantee you some sort of reach and that too from the right methods.

Avoid shortcuts

There would be a lot of people out there that would promise you a specific number of followers in a given time, be sure to steer clear of such engagements as this could potentially turn out to be dangerous for your page and business. These are bots and fake profiles that could definitely hurt your reputation later on.

People love Competition

Try to come up with as many contests as you can on a weekly, monthly, or if you can on a daily basis so that post engagement increases and even page reach expands in an organic matter. From comments to likes and dislikes, everything matters. For example you might have seen questions and answers from Dettol UAE, that’s something you can follow.

Follow the rules

On every social media platform there are certain rules that you have to abide by because if not, there’s no point in thinking of increasing followers as the platform would automatically make your page unreachable.

So that’s about it. if you still have any questions, let us know. We’d be happy to help you out.

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