How Word Of Mouth On Social Media Can Make or Break The Success of a Film

Movies are a multi-billion dollar industry with countless new films being released every month. The success of a new movie is based on how well it is received by the movie-going public, which in some way is influenced by social media. With social media being such a big factor, how can word of mouth make or break the success of a film?

Advertising Strategy

There is no doubt that movie companies spend a lot of time and money on film advertising. However, not every movie company makes a good job of this advertising. Aspects such as movie trailers and posters have a huge bearing on whether people will go to see the film or not.

These elements are also a factor in how the film is perceived initially on social media. If there is a big hype on a new film trailer or poster, then this will cause a lot of positive feedback and press. The advertising strategy of the company must be good enough to encourage a positive response.

Behind-the-Scenes Gossip

Most of the news and comments that come from social media revolve around any behind-the-scenes information that may come to light. Things that have happened on the set and events surrounding the cast and crew are often what get the most shares on social media. Take Don’t Worry Darling, for example.

One of the problems that can occur is the level of truth that is found surrounding these stories. Some may have been exaggerated or be false information, but this can be hard to determine, especially by people looking in from the outside.

Once these rumours start to circulate, however, they can unfairly affect the performance of the movie. This is something that can be a problem with social media, trying to manage the information coming out from the studio is important.

First Impressions

The first impressions from a new movie can be hugely important to the success of the film. Film reviewers and critics will often be the first to see the movie and will have their own opinions on it. However, many movie-goers are now not so trusting of film reviewers as they used to be.

Many people now rely on the reviews of people who have seen the movie and give their honest reviews. These can come from sites like Rotten Tomatoes and others where members of the public can leave their thoughts.

However, there has recently been a problem with these public reviews, as some movies have been the victim of ‘review bombing.’ This is where a lot of people leave poor reviews of a movie even though they may not have seen it. It can be difficult for some review sites to sort out genuine reviews from false ones. This has caused some sites to suspend reviews of certain movies which can affect their word of mouth.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – how word of mouth on social media can play a huge part in whether a film is successful, or not. It goes without saying that social media has caused a lot of good and bad in the film industry. Although it can propel a new movie to become a huge hit, it can also cause a good movie to bomb at the box office.

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