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Pioneering McGinley Orthopedics seeks $40m equity crowdfunding raise for its handheld surgical robotics

McGinley Orthopedics, manufacturer of IntelliSense® HandHeld Robotics, aims to transform the $7.4 billion surgical device market through a $40 million Regulation A+ equity crowdfunding investment offering.

The innovative Wyoming-based company’s range of technological advances are designed to increase patient safety while reducing costs.

CEO Joseph C. McGinley, MD, PhD founded the firm in 2012 and has overseen development of several breakthrough technologies, notably its flagship product, the IntelliSense Drill Technology®. The IntelliSense® Drill has been rapidly adopted at leading medical institutions for it’s greater precision in operating rooms.

Now his firm has partnered with award-winning broker-dealer Rialto Markets, which will use its crowdfunding platform and infrastructure for McGinley Orthopedics’ $40million Regulation A+ raise.

Regulation A+ is a relatively new exemption allowing private companies to raise funding from the general public under the JOBS Act. Unlike traditional investments in private companies, investors in a Regulation A+ offering do not need to be accredited.

McGinley, said: “We are leveling the playing field through our Regulation A+ investment opportunity. It gives everyday investors access to growing private companies like McGinley Orthopedics and removes Wall Street influence. We are  excited to share our journey with people on main streets across the United States.”

Investors can help the company accelerate the growth of its current in-market products that enable orthopedic surgeons to deliver a better standard of care.

The company also plans to use proceeds for further development of its intellectual property portfolio. It has amassed 71 patent families with 104 issued patents and 22 pending patents to impact the future of orthopedics for years to come.

Its in-house manufacturing and product development allows the company to quickly deploy capital and avoid supply chain slowdowns, as seen in other industries reliant on a complex network of suppliers.

Dr. McGinley added: “With a fully integrated engineering team and in-house manufacturing, we can identify and then solve patient-outcome problems with new surgical technologies; concept to production.”

McGinley Orthopedics values the market in which it operates at $7.4 billion and Rialto Markets CEO and co-founder, Shari Noonan, commented:

“McGinley Orthopedics is developing pioneering and ground-breaking technology making a real difference to people’s lives. We’re delighted it has chosen to work with Rialto Markets to build on its success and give investors the chance to take equity in an exciting sector.”

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