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A Quick Guide To Creating Construction Site Hoardings With Foamex

We have been used to viewing a hoarding board at each and every corner of the city, especially when it is a busy city or a town with lots of commercial buildings around. You might have witnessed foamex signs or foamex sheets wrapped around buildings, train stations or construction sites where you might not understand what is going around. The construction site hoarding are mostly made of wood or steel and are made to offer an obstacle between the passersby and the construction work.

Moreover, construction sites are hazardous places and the inclusion of printed foamex signs act as a safety net to the general public. These signs are also used internally for the workers to avoid any kind of accidents at the workplace. These construction signs are one of the primary elements of construction and building restoration work and more often than not works as a perfect place to advertise. We have prepared a quick guide to create construction site hoardings with foamex. Let’s find out how to do it. 

What is the main idea behind a construction hoarding?

Construction sites provide one of the best places in the city for marketing and advertising purposes. Major brands are always looking for real estate with a wider reach and a new building site manages to catch people’s attention. Secondly, it is also put up to create a sense of mystery around the project which also manages to excite the audience and increase their curiosity. Another important benefit of a building site hoarding is that it provides a good opportunity for the companies involved to elevate their brand awareness. Additionally, these hoardings are also used to provide directions, elevate the appearance of the site and increase the health and safety of the general public.

Drill Holes To Mount Foamex Signs

Foamex is one of the most flexible materials used in construction site hoardings and hence it is easy to drill holes into it quite easily. It enables you to use different types of fixings to hang your sign like screws, bolts, string, rope, cables etc. To make use of screws and bolts, just make sure that the surface is ideal to screw in the pre-drilled holes. Moreover, you can attach a post to the mounted surface creating sign post mounting for your foamex board.

Another option is to tie a cable or a rope through the holes and mount the sign. This option is quite handy and will last longer but may not be able to provide a crisp look.

Use a Display Stand

Using a display stand will offer a more cleaner look with a nice finish when used along with an adhesive or a velcro. Due to the lightweight of foamex, it is quite easy for the foamex board to sustain its own weight and there will be less wear and tear in the material. But, if you are using an adhesive then please make sure that the board and the surface is extremely clean before the application. It is very difficult to make adjustments once the sign comes in contact with the frame or board.

Velcro is the simplest of all the available options out there for mounting a foamex board on a construction site. Again, you will have to make sure that the surface is clean before you attach the velcro to the surface. As it is a flexible material, it is extremely robust and long-lasting.

Need For a Strong and Stable Hoarding

Due to the strict guidelines for construction sites, a hoarding has to be appropriate to neutralise any stresses placed on it whether it is internally or externally. There are multiple standards in place to ensure optimum safety. Which includes:

  • An extremely windy building site that takes enough pressure from a strong wind which may cause the hoarding to blow away and inflict injury on a worker or any passerby.
  • A construction site in a busy location or street with lots of people walking past it may come in contact and hamper its stability.
  • A construction site near a railway station should have enough stability to withstand extreme pressure by the moving trains.
  • Sites which use heavy machinery may sometimes knock down the hoarding accidentally.

Final Word

Foamex is a durable material and hence one of the most preferred materials for construction sites as it may be used for months at a stretch. There are various foamex board printing agencies which are experienced in construction site hoardings and various other types of printing like banners, flyers and creative display stands etc. However, you must ensure that agency you choose complies with the construction site regulations so it makes your job easy. Construction site hoardings are used for months and hence it is best to take some time and effort before you make an investment to get the best return.

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