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Tech In Schools Keeps Advancing, But Not To Keep Students Safe – Tech Expert Weighs In

Technology in schools has come a long way in even just the last decade. Smart whiteboards, Chromebooks and iPads in classrooms were just starting to become a thing when I graduated high school in 2014. Now they’re standard equipment. The one thing that hasn’t come a long way is school security, specifically taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) enriched tools to keep students safe.

“In many schools around the nation, you can still find teachers and faculty making rounds at the beginning and end of each day to unlock and lock doors. This task of taking 15 to 20 minutes is okay under mundane conditions. However, when seconds matter during an emergency where lives are at stake, the extra couple of seconds to minutes that it takes to manually secure a door can have devastating consequences,” explains Co-Founder Brian Sathianathan.
Ai takes on many forms and can be built to suit a variety of security tasks at schools, for example,

  • Security Cameras can be fitted with AI vision that allows it to automatically detect threats in advance, allowing law enforcement and school officials sufficient time to take appropriate action.
  • Magnetic Door Locks can be synced to the AI vision that automatically secures doors when a threat produces itself, without need of interaction of someone with a physical key or to be watching the cameras.
  • Smart Metal Detectors are commonly used in schools to screen for weapons and other prohibited items. AI-powered metal detectors can analyze data from multiple sensors and detect potential threats in real-time. Using machine learning algorithms to improve accuracy over time. is a developer of AI-powered low-code software intended to accelerate innovation projects within large enterprises. They have deployed at scale with several global enterprises, such as Circle-K, Pampered Chef, Ulta Beauty, Driven Brands, Jockey, and others.
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