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Anbio Breaks New Ground in Europe with Advanced “Point of Care” Diagnostic Tools

Anbio Biotechnology is entering the European healthcare market with its leading product, the AF-100 C, an advanced compact fluorescent immunoassay analyser set to alter the point-of-care diagnostics landscape. The AF-100 C, boasting over 70 assays, aims to enhance the services offered by healthcare professionals across the EU, improving patient diagnosis and care.

In a move to expand its European Union presence, Anbio Biotechnology (Anbio), a vanguard in the worldwide in vitro diagnostics sector, is proud to introduce its wide-ranging “Point of Care” product suite within the EU. This launch marks a pivotal moment for Anbio, ushering in opportunities for collaboration with EU distributors and healthcare professionals, and affirming the company’s dedication to providing the EU market with forefront diagnostic technologies.

Anbio is lauded for its pioneering initiatives and quality, evolving from its initial focus on Covid testing kits to a comprehensive developer and manufacturer of an extensive catalogue of diagnostic products. “Our mission is to revolutionize diagnostics by offering tailored and accessible solutions, including laboratory, wellness, at-home, and point-of-care diagnostics. We are committed to affordability and continuous innovation in life sciences that serve to advance human heath,” Michael Lau, CEO of Anbio, remarked.

Cutting-edge Analyzer Brings Over 70 Essential Tests to Healthcare Providers

The AF-100 C analyzer, a premier, single-channel, portable, rechargeable compact fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA) analyzer, is at the forefront of Anbio’s EU promotional efforts. This robust device, along with over 70 CE-marked assays for a diverse range of analytes such as markers for inflammation, diabetes, cancer, hormones, enzymes, and infectious diseases, is set to significantly alter the clinical diagnostics sphere within the EU.

“The Anbio AF-100 C is a game-changer for clinical diagnostics, supplying healthcare providers with a cost-effective, comprehensive, and reliable solution for rapid point-of-care testing,” Lau emphasised. Despite its compact nature, the AF-100 C is capable of high throughput and is suitable for a wide range of clinical environments, from local practices to emergency wards. Its easy-to-use interface and durable battery, which enables up to 8 hours of continuous use, ensure that healthcare practitioners can provide premium patient care efficiently and effectively.

Swift and Accurate Diagnostic Procedures Enhance Healthcare Services

The comprehensive FIA series from Anbio, delivering prompt results within 3 to 15 minutes, signifies a substantial advancement in diagnostic technology. With reagents utilising RFID chip technology for precision and a two-year room temperature shelf life, Anbio is well-prepared to meet the European healthcare sector’s immediate requirements.

As Anbio Biotechnology makes its entrance into the EU marketplace, it welcomes distributors and healthcare providers to delve into its innovative diagnostic solutions. Dedicated to improving patient care through cost-effective, accurate, and reliable diagnostics, Anbio is keen to forge connections with healthcare professionals throughout the EU.

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