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Inc & Co

Collaborative Innovation: How Inc & Co Fosters an Environment of Collective Problem-Solving

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the importance of collaborative innovation cannot be overstated. The ability to work collectively, share ideas and solve problems is now more vital than ever. This is particularly true for Inc & Co, an award-winning company founded in 2019 with the mission to acquire, invest in and turn around distressed companies, ultimately saving jobs, preventing creditor losses and creating growth. Operating globally, Inc & Co currently turns over £150 million worldwide. The founders, Jack Mason, Group CEO, Dave Antrobus, Group CTO, and Scott Dylan, have instilled the values of inclusivity and collaboration at the heart of their company.

Inc & Co is a sterling example of how fostering a culture of collaborative innovation can lead to remarkable success. The company has acquired and transformed businesses in various sectors, such as professional services, travel, retail, e-commerce and shared workspaces. Furthermore, Inc & Co has successfully exited companies it turned around, including MyLife Digital, which was sold to Dataguard; Laundrapp, sold to competitor Laundryheap; and Wood for Trees, sold to Edit.

The key to Inc & Co‘s success lies in its ability to create an environment where portfolio companies can work together to tackle challenges and find creative solutions. This collaborative ethos is encapsulated by its name: Inc&Co, which stands for Inclusive & Collaborative. The company is committed to empowering the leaders of its portfolio companies, all while maintaining a strong and loyal leadership team at the group level.

Jack Mason, Group CEO of Inc & Co, explains the importance of collaboration in their approach: “We believe that the best solutions come from bringing diverse minds together to tackle challenges head-on. By creating a culture of collaborative innovation, we empower our portfolio companies to share their knowledge and expertise, leading to more inventive and effective solutions.”

Dave Antrobus, Group CTO, echoes this sentiment: “At Inc & Co, we recognise that each company we work with has unique strengths and insights. By fostering an environment where these strengths can be harnessed collectively, we not only help our portfolio companies succeed but also create a network of businesses that can support each other’s growth.”

So, how exactly does Inc & Co encourage a culture of collaborative innovation? The answer lies in a multi-faceted approach that encompasses communication, trust and openness.

Firstly, Inc & Co fosters open lines of communication between its portfolio companies. By creating a platform where leaders can share ideas, discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions, Inc & Co enables its companies to learn from each other’s experiences and insights. This open dialogue is essential in breaking down barriers and encouraging a spirit of collective problem-solving.

Secondly, trust plays a vital role in collaborative innovation. Inc & Co builds trust among its portfolio companies by giving them autonomy to make decisions and implement strategies. This empowerment not only leads to greater buy-in from company leaders but also demonstrates Inc & Co’s faith in their expertise and ability to succeed. This trust engenders a sense of unity, making it easier for companies to work together and share ideas openly.

Lastly, Inc & Co actively encourages a culture of openness by promoting transparency in its operations. This means sharing both successes and failures, as well as any lessons learned along the way. By embracing this transparent approach, Inc & Co cultivates an environment where portfolio companies feel comfortable discussing their challenges and seeking support from their peers.

Inc & Co’s commitment to collaborative innovation is at the heart of its remarkable success. By creating an environment where portfolio companies can work together to tackle challenges and find creative solutions, Inc & Co not only helps individual businesses thrive but also creates a powerful network of companies that can support each other’s growth. This spirit of collaboration, underpinned by open communication, trust and transparency, is what sets Inc & Co apart from its competitors.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, it is clear that the ability to collaborate effectively will be a key determinant of success. Inc & Co has demonstrated that by fostering a culture of collaborative innovation, businesses can not only survive but also flourish in the face of adversity. This approach has the potential to inspire countless other organisations to adopt similar strategies, ultimately leading to a more innovative, resilient and prosperous business world.

In a time when change is constant and the future uncertain, Inc & Co’s dedication to collaborative innovation serves as a shining example for businesses everywhere. By working together, sharing ideas and solving problems collectively, companies can not only survive but thrive in even the most challenging of circumstances. As the saying goes, “Together, we are stronger,” and Inc & Co’s success is a testament to the power of collaboration in fostering a brighter, more innovative future for all.

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