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Tips for Keeping Your Mobility Scooter Safe From Theft

The experts from Surewise have compiled seven key tips for keeping your mobility scooter safe when on the roads. If you’re a care worker, this may be useful information to share with residents and clients to keep their scooters safe.

Stuart Bensusan, the Director of Surewise, a leading specialist provider of mobility scooter insurance in the UK has shared his commentary:

“Sadly, there are always going to be opportunists that will attempt to steal mobility scooters – and the impact this can have on the owner’s freedom and independence can be devastating in many cases. Our National Mobility Scooter database was designed to be free for all mobility scooter drivers in the UK to register their scooter and contact details in order to increase the chance of reuniting drivers should a theft occur.

Beyond that, there are some steps mobility scooter uses can take to keep their scooter secure and reduce the chance of opportunists targeting you – and insurance is a cost-effective fail-safe to protect the financial investment you made in your scooter in the event of it being lost permanently.”

1. Register with the National Mobility Scooter Database

The National Mobility Scooter Security Database is a free service designed to enhance the chances of recovering your mobility scooter if it is ever stolen. All mobility scooter owners are encouraged to register for the database, which provides stickers to affix to your scooter for easy identification in case of theft.

2. Ensure your scooter has a secure ignition key

A mobility scooter equipped with a key-based ignition system provides additional security compared to scooters without this feature. If your scooter does not have an ignition key, consider modifying it to include one, although there are simpler methods for securing your scooter as well (more on that shortly). To prevent forgetting to remove the key, a keyring bell can serve as a helpful reminder when switching off the scooter.

3. Invest in a wheel clamp or mobility scooter lock

Most scooters possess a freewheel setting that, when engaged, permits the scooter to be manually pushed. To protect your scooter from theft, a variety of wheel clamps are available for purchase to lock the wheels in place. Wheel clamps and mobility scooter locks are affordable (prices range from £10 to £20) and particularly useful when leaving your scooter unattended in busy areas. Alternatively, consider using a high-quality bicycle or motorbike lock, which are reasonably priced and can be easily fastened to sturdy objects like fences or lampposts.

4. Install a scooter alarm

A scooter alarm can be conveniently attached to your scooter and, when activated, will emit an audible alert if the scooter is sat on or moved. This can draw attention to potential thieves and deter them from attempting to steal your scooter.

5. Store your scooter in a secure location

For portable mobility scooters, it is usually possible to remove the battery and charge it at home. Charging a 6-8 mph scooter requires an outdoor outlet or access to electricity within a building. Regardless of your scooter type, it is crucial to store it out of sight.

If you do not have the option of storing your scooter in a shed or garage, make sure to lock it up and cover it to reduce the likelihood of theft.

6. Vary your parking routine

Even if you frequently travel to the same destination, try to change your parking spot periodically. Although routines can be beneficial for us, thieves are adept at identifying patterns and quickly locating potential targets. Whenever possible, keep your scooter within your line of sight. If this is not feasible, alter your parking location whenever you have an opportunity to do so.

7. Insure your scooter

You can follow all the steps above and keep your mobility scooter secure when not in use and still fall victim to theft or another accident. This is where a cost-effective mobility scooter policy comes in, protecting the financial investment on your scooter and returning your freedom to you ASAP.

By following these tips and taking advantage of the National Mobility Scooter Security Database, you can significantly increase the security of your mobility scooter and reduce the risk of theft. Stay vigilant and proactive in safeguarding your scooter, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy its benefits without worry.

For more expert tips on mobility scooter safety, please head to

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