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DeVere CEO issues a plea as he raises €170,000 for Ukraine’s refugees

Taking part in Sunday’s La Valette half marathon, financial service giant deVere Group’s CEO and founder raised more than €170,000 to support families displaced by the war in Ukraine.

Nigel Green crossed the finish line bearing the Ukranian flag on his back after completing the gruelling 21km route. Taking in some of Malta’s most historic backdrops, the deVere CEO completed the race in an impressive 2 hours and 31 minutes.

“It’s all for the kids and those who have fled the bombs, shelling and tyranny across Ukraine and who ran for their lives… but now who have to try and rebuild their lives in the most difficult of circumstances,” he said as he was awarded his medal by officials.

“I would like to thank everyone who sponsored and donated because it will really make an enormous difference to these families who, essentially, now have to start from scratch.  The support has been amazing, and I hope people know they’ve made a real difference.”

Nigel Green continues: “Having had business operations in Ukraine and across the whole region for many years, we have people on the ground right now in direct contact with families whose lives have been destroyed by this war.

“We will work directly with them, where possible, alongside non-governmental organisations to ensure that they receive what they need.”

Last week, the deVere CEO said of the symbolism of running a marathon: “Running is about perseverance, determination, about putting one foot in front of the other, and keeping on keeping on.  It’s about becoming a better version of ourselves.

“With the money raised we can help those families who literally ran for their lives – and not in a safe, secure environment, surrounded by support and encouragement like in Malta – have a better tomorrow for themselves and their loved ones.

“It’s about doing our bit. It’s about community.”

“I have a choice in doing this run, but the refugees we’re going to support who fled the war had no choice.

Speaking as he was cheered across the finish line by an army of supporters holding Ukraine balloons and flags, Nigel Green noted: “We have helped give the innocent victims of this war an opportunity for the future they deserve.”

He added one last plea: “I urge everyone: let’s not become desensitized or ‘Ukraine Fatigued.’ These people need our help more than ever. And, honestly, we could, and should, be doing more.” Donations can still be made here:

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