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What is a Staffing Agency and Why Do You Need One?

Small companies often have a harder time hiring staff than larger companies. Small business owners often take on many roles as they run the company. Going through applications and interviewing candidates will take up a lot of time. This could cause work to pile up. It also puts undue stress on the owner.

A quick and simple solution is to work with a staffing agency. What is a staffing agency? It’s an organization that matches businesses with the right workers. It’s also known as a recruiting firm or employment agency.

A staffing agency will take on the task of hiring workers for different Seattle jobs. These can be temporary or a temp to hire. The former means there’s a specific start and end date. The latter is a temporary assignment. But there’s a possibility of becoming a permanent one. Recruitment firms can also offer a direct hire.

The agency can advertise for the available job post. It will accept and screen applications. It can do background checks on potential workers and interview them. They will then hire the applicant and send them to the company. The employee’s salary and benefits are then issued by the agency. Except if it’s a direct hire job.

Many companies in Seattle use employment agencies because of the benefits they provide.

They Can Save Time and Resources

A staffing agency can help speed up the hiring process. A small business owner won’t spend weeks checking resumes or doing interviews. They’ll get a list of professionals from the staffing agency. They can then check which one is the best fit and hire them.

A manpower agency is also a boon if a company has limited resources when it comes to training. They can find applicants with the specific job skill the company needs. This saves time since the company won’t have to spend weeks on the onboarding process.

Agencies Have an Extensive Network

The best staffing companies already have an extensive network of candidates. These people are already vetted and trained. They have the skills your company needs. Since they’re ready to work, your scouting process becomes shorter and more efficient.

No Overloading of Work

A company’s entire dynamic changes if an employee goes on vacation or leaves. This scenario either calls for a new hire or current employees doing more than their share of work. A temporary hire can help ensure your team doesn’t become overloaded with work. They can take on the regular employee’s tasks until they return.

It’s also more affordable to hire a temporary worker. You only have to pay them a specific amount for a certain period. This will cost less than paying your regular employees overtime. The temp will also hit the ground running. You won’t need to invest time and money in training them.

The Bottom Line

A reliable staffing agency is a godsend to many small businesses. It can help you find the best candidates in the shortest amount of time. It allows you to spend your precious time focusing on running your business.

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