Celebrate With Mariage Frères Easter Collection

Pâques (Easter Sunday) is an important holiday in France and a special time for families to come together, celebrate and share sweet treats and gifts. Wish friends and family a Joyeuses Pâque (Happy Easter!) this year with Mariage Frères’ Thé de Pâques® collection.

Thé Rouge De Pâques® combines black tea and red rooibos to achieve a smooth and nutty flavour, whilst the Thé Vert De Pâques®is a refreshing green tea with the sweetness of caramel and delicious accents of citrus and vanilla.  Evocative of a classic crème brûlée, Thé Bleu De Pâques® tea transports you straight to a Parisian patisserie – its chiselled blue flowers give this tea its signature vibrant colour.

Guaranteed to elevate any tea break or Easter afternoon tea spread, each tin in this beautiful collection retails for £27 for 80g and is available in the Mariage Frères flagship store, Covent Garden, or purchased online for nationwide delivery from www.mariagefreres.com

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