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10 Ways To Save Money In January

Cash strapped Brits are being given ten savvy ways to save money in January after an expensive Christmas.

The penny pinching pros at are giving their tips on saving money as the new year begins.

After a busy festive period, many Brits will be feeling the pinch as we settle into January.

Using cash, switching banks and pausing unused subscriptions are a few things that can be done to help ease the pressure in the New Year.

That doesn’t mean January has to be boring, there are plenty of fun activities that can be done at home like movie nights and online escape rooms.

John Stirzaker, consumer expert at NetVoucherCodes said: “January is a tough month and a lot of us will be doing everything we can to save a bit of money after the holiday season.

“We know how overwhelming this can be so we wanted to give people some simple tips to help them save little and often throughout the month.

“Doing things like using cash and switching to own brands are just a couple of the ways to ease any January stress.

“There are also ways to get some extra cash like selling unwanted items and switching banks.”

10 ways to save money in January:

  1. Try to avoid January sales

It can be tempting to look at January sales but this is often where we buy things we don’t need just because they are reduced in price. Unless you need something, try to avoid the sales altogether.

  1. Start selling items online

January is a great time to have a clear out and you may find that some of your Christmas presents replace old things that you may no longer need or use. Selling unwanted items is always a great way to make some extra cash.

  1. Create a budget planner

The new year comes with new habits so why not set up a budget planner for the rest of the year. Implementing this from January will ensure you start the year off right and will help you stay on track throughout 2023.

  1. Try using cash

If you regularly use your card, try solely relying on cash in January. Leaving the house with a limited amount of cash makes budgeting a lot easier and you’re less likely to purchase unnecessary things.

  1. Switch banks

A lot of banks offer up to a £200 incentive just for joining and nowadays the process of switching banks is a lot smoother and easier. If things are tight in January this is a good way to get some extra cash.

  1. Batch cook

Instead of using your oven or gas for one meal, try using it for two or three and batch cooking your lunches and dinners. This will prevent the temptation to grab a quick take away as there will already be food at home.

  1. Cancel some subscriptions for the month

Streaming services aren’t cheap, and if you are signed up to more than one of them the money quickly adds up. Consider cancelling the ones you use the least for January and sign up again later in the year.

  1. Try dry January

Each year hundreds of Brits do dry January to avoid spending money on alcohol. Depending on how much you drink you may notice you also have a better sleep and more energy.

  1. Switch to own brands

Try switching to own brands when doing your grocery shopping. Not only will you save money but you may find some new favourites with a lot of own brands having increased their quality over the past couple of years.

  1. Keep yourself entertained

January doesn’t have to be a boring and dull month. Keep yourself entertained at home by doing fun activities such as movie nights or an online escape room!

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