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TikTok faces failure regarding ban child predators

BBC Panorama investigation has challenged the TikTok and asked them to take steps immediately against child predators.

TikTok already guaranteed that they have taken action on banning all kind of illegal material from the app, including child predators.

According to the policies of TikTok, it has zero-tolerance for such kind of illegal and immoral stuff and materials which hurt society and humanity.

But according to the reports, it is noticed that a 14 years old girl has to face the harassment by an adult. 

This 14 years old girl reported that male adult who sends her sexual message but TikTok do not take any action on this kind of behavior. 

TikTok even does not ban that adult who sends the sexual message to the 14 years old girl.

TikTok only takes action against that child predator when the voice is raised, and Panorama asked explanation from the app of TikTok. 

TikTok management representative said to BBC that they must provide the safe environment of the people and they are responsible for keeping the privacy to their users.

Panorama choice and check those chat messages which are reported by the app own reporting tool.

Parents are already warned by child safety experts to take eyes on the child while they use TikTok. As the app TikTok is not safe for children due to current circumstances.

The founder of the Breck Foundation, Lorin LaFave, said that the TikTok app is not only of having fun, but there is a risk to the child is using the TikTok app. Predators are always looking for a chance to look at a child and may harm the child.

According to the policy of the TikTok app, those people who are under 16 years of age and they register the same period on TikTok while not send or receive direct messages to anyone.

However, may of young child join the TikTok account by providing a false statement to the app regarding date of birth.

When looking at the profile of 14 years old girl, she has provided the wrong description to the app.

According to the report, she is 23 years old, but she posed as of 14 years old by editing the photo through photo editing software to look like young. She became popular over some time by posting videos.

To help the parent to avoid such kind of problem, a spokesman noted the TikTok to provide privacy.

He said that we would provide a high level of control regarding privacy, and we will provide a safe and secure environment for the user. He said that he would secure the accounts.

The app of TikTok also terminates the accounts of two men. In this case, these two men were completed because he continues sending a message even after knowing the age of the child.

On talking to the company former moderators, predators may look at the interest of user by looking at their profile.

So they saw the child dancing and sharing such kind of videos, the predator may take it as an advantage.

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