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Biden campaign senior adversary: these are the last days for race, our map has expanded

Biden campaign senior advisor Anita Dunn shows much confidence by saying that their map has been expanded. Biden says that just two prior to Election Day.

In the Democratic nominee pathway to 270 voters, she expresses confidence by saying that the map is going to be expand.

Dunn said while interview on the ABC News to Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on This Week that the number of contested gone to increased day by day as the elections go nearer.

He said that they are going to extend their campaign. He said that they are also campaigning in lowa, in Georgia, in Ohio. Dunn said to the Anchor George Stephanopoulos that we are going nearer to the elections.

He said with the time, instead of decreasing in number of contested, there is rise in the number. Dunn said that the Biden is not sure whether the race wil be decided on the night of elections.

Pennsylvania which is a battle ground is a critical for deciding victory said by Biden. She said that results of elections may take time of few days. Stephanophoulos said on Sunday that counting all the votes is time consuming, so it takes time.

He said to the people that delayed in result is not really a sign that something wrong is happening.

He said that in the battle, Pennsylvania the counting of votes may take time because this is a big state.

Dunn is also sure that in the other states such as Florida, North Carolina and Georgia, the results of election could be announce at the night of elections or on the next day of election.

He said the Donald Trump want to suppress the votes for his personal benefit. Dunn said that we are trying to make election free from fraud and corruption.

He said that he wants that all the votes that are casted must be counted. However we know that results of election will be declared on election night or on next day election.

Dunn said that Donald Trump want to win in any way that’s why he is trying to suppress the votes and trying to have results in his favor. Dunn said that his whole campaign is to make election free from any kind of fraud.

He said that he is focusing on making the election clear and all the votes that are casted must be counted.

Dunn said that Donald Trump is attempting to make his path to victory become easier by expanding the map into states like Georgia, Florida, North Caroline and Minnesota.

On Sunday ,ABC News conducted two new pools which shows that Bidden has maintained the seven point edge over president Donald Trump. While in the Florida, President Donald Trump has advantage of two points.

At rally in Flint, Michigan, Biden told the supporters that now it is the time for President Donald Trump to go to home as he is going to loss elections this time.

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