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man holding scorpion

A man named himself after scorpion in Somalia

Ahmed Ibrahim Awale named himself after scorpion in Somalia. To inspire the Somali scientist, he selected this name for himself. 

For decades, Ahmed Ibrahim Awale was working for environmental protection. He is a scientist of 66 years old.

This man had done researches on environment protection, and he found the new species of Scorpio.

Thus he named himself after scorpion because he did discover new species of scorpion while researching.

The man said to the BBC on a call from his office which is located in Hargeisa that in Somaliland and Somalia whenever new specie is identified, it has given the name after the place.

Somalia people feel proud of the scientist, Ahmed Ibrahim Awale. He said that his work would inspire young people and they will get aware of the discoverer of the new species of scorpion.

By placing the name after Somali, a citizen will make his country honored for doing such a great thing. European from the 19th Century are trying to explore the Simian region which has rich ecology.

To make the name of Somalia prominent in the botany and zoology, Ahmed Ibrahim Awale named himself after the scorpion.

In an arid landscape, 50km north of Hargeisa, Ahmed Ibrahim Awale found the 15-centimetre large clawed scorpion.

He named that himself after that scorpion. Ahmed Ibrahim Awale said that these large scorpions are not venomous and the power of its sting and the size of claws of the scorpions.

Pandinurus aware is the specie which only found in the Somalia region.50 species which are only found in the Somalia region, Palinurus is one of this 50 specie in Somaliland.

The rich ecology of Somalia provides the habitat for the scorpion. Ahmed Ibrahim Awale said that over time, discoveries are coming.

In 2014, Ahmed Ibrahim Awale himself discovered the new species. He said this is the excellent news for Somalia.

He said that this news id different from the previous news which describes Somalia as the country which is full of famine, extremism and piracy.

The meaning of the name of his word describes as the lucky one. Thus the discovery he mad is also by chance so the name suit to his discovery. 

He said that he found the 1,000 aloe plants in the middle of nowhere, while has driving in the road. He starts examining that aloe plants because he never saw those plants before in his life.

The local people called this aloe as decor-cars, which mean red aloe. He said that local people were unaware of its specification.

He said that the plant is different from the other aloe concerning its colors. So he starts researching on it. He took the sample of the aloe plant and did researches on it.

After studies a lot, he gave to the conclusion that the plant that he and his collegues studied is the new specie. He named this new species of aloe plant as Aloe sanguinalis, by the Awale and his team of researches.

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