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trucks in flood

How Sudan’s floods might be fixing by controversial Nile dam

Sudan records the highest level in River Nile this year. More than 100 die by unprecedented flood in Sudan.

Around 875,000 people get affected by the flood in Sudan. By flood, residential areas were entirely damaged and destroyed.

While water and power supplies were also damaged due to flood created by highest level gain by River Nile.

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will be fully operational which is located upstream to the Blue Nile tributary said by some experts.

Dams would reduce the chance of flood and therefore, less damaged might occur. In the northern highlands, a barrier is going to be built in Ethiopia, here in the highlands of the north about 85 per cent of Nile water flow.

It is said that within a few years this Dam would be the African largest hydroelectric plant. It is said that the Dam construction will be complete within a few years and it will start operation soon.

But as River Nile downstream to Egypt, so if the Dam is built, it will reduce the access of water to Egypt.

A Sudan expert on the international water law and policy, Salman Mohammed said that the floodwater might be regulating by Egypt Aswan dam. So in this way, Egypt will not have to face problem over water.

He said that due to flood we lost properties of billions of pounds and especially we lost people. But Egypt does not face such kind of damage.

He said Egypt have high Dams where they keep the floodwater while Ethiopian could not have any Dam to preserve water.

Dams may help avoid any kind of flood. So we may not face any damage.

Doctor Mohammed, who is a fellow at the International Water Resources Association said that the Dams in the Ethiopian are tiny.

He said that water flood could be used in deserts for agriculture projects, and in this way, Egypt could manage the overflow.

Under the support of the Africa Union, the project of the filling of the Dam is restarted. The task of filling of Dam also consists of how much water may be released.

Under the governance of the former President Omar al-Bashir, the stance was started. The representative of Sudan under Ahmed El-Mufti, Bashir has elevated the worries on the security and safety of the Dam. 

The whole region, which may include Khartoum, Sudan’s capital maybe get damaged and destroyed according to Doctor Muhammed.

He said that the place where Blue and White Nile meet might cause damages to Sudan. He said that there are eight dams already present on the Nile.

But these dams are tiny to be used to avoid flood chance. As in Sudan, flood already takes place, which results in the death of the people, and most of the people get affected by the flood. 

Doctor Mohammed says that the building of dams could be helpful in the generation of electricity. So electricity will be available to be used by people at cheap rates.

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